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Seen a leak in the street or in your home?


Find out what to do if you've found a leak, who's responsible for them, and how to check for leaks in your home.

Leaks in the street

If you've found a leak in street or footpath, please report it online so we can investigate it quickly. You'll also be able to check if it's already been reported.


If a leak has stopped your water supply, call our emergency leakline on 0800 393 084.

Leaks in your home

If you think you have a leak, follow our advice on how to check for leaks in your home.


Leaks in your home or on your property are your responsibility to fix. You'll need to find a WaterSafe approved plumber (opens new window) to help with the repair.


If you find a leak and fix it within 30 days you can apply for a leak allowance

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