Water pressure
Important update

The recent freezing temperatures and bad weather have caused a number of burst pipes and leaks in our networks. Our teams are working hard to fix these as quickly as we can.  


Our teams are following COVID-19 safety guidelines to keep you and our teams safe and well. This means it may take us longer than normal to fix some leaks. 


To make sure we can prioritise the repairs needed, we’re delaying non-essential work including disconnections, external meter installations, private replacement pipe connections and fitting non-urgent stop taps. 


We’re sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your help. 

Is your shower lacking a little power? Taps running like jet washers? No water at all, even?

If you think your water pressure isn't quite right, we want to help you.

First things first, do you have running water to your home?

Whether your answer is yes or no, we're one step closer to an answer!


Yes, I have running water

That's good to know. Please read our advice for low or high pressure further down this page.


No, I have no water

We're very sorry to hear that. Take a look at our advice here, so we can help get the water flowing again!

Low pressure

There are a few ways to get to the bottom of low pressure in your home.


Try the steps below, and if you're still stuck, get in touch with us using the number at the bottom of this screen.

STEP 1 - Check your stop tap is open

If you've recently closed your stop tap (this can be your internal or external stop tap), make sure it is fully open again.

STEP 2 - Ask your neighbours

Pop around and ask if your neighbours are affected too. If they are, it's likely there is an event or repair going on in your area.


You can get more information on what's going on in your area here.

STEP 3 - Check your local area

Check our map to see if there is any work going on around you.


Our water network is a maze of pipes, so if we're working a mile away, it might still affect your supply.


You can get regular updates on work in your area by subscribing to text alerts. Use an online account to register!

High pressure

Water pressure is a lot like the porridge in Goldilocks. It has to be 'just right'. So, if your pressure is too high, you can use your internal stop tap or valves.


The best thing to do is call a reliable plumber. They'll be able to install a pressure-reducing valve.


Find a reliable plumber on watersafe.org.uk.