You might wonder, just how do Northumbrian Water fix leaks in the supply network?


And we're happy to explain!


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A leak is reported

We really appreciate when our customers spot and report leaks.


Leaks are one of the biggest environmental wastes. So, if you spot a leak, check it has been reported on our Community Portal Leak Map.


If it hasn't been reported, please let us know about it, using the Leak Map.

We come out to investigate the leak

We send one of our trained leakage technicians to the reported leak. This is to check where the leak is coming from.


We use a range of tools like listening devices and flow loggers to find leaks. 

The results of our tests

If our investigations tell us the leak is from our water supply pipes, we'll sort out a repair.


If the water is murky, or standing, it may be caused by a blocked drain, or simply be groundwater. If it's a blocked road drain, we have to let the council know, because road drains often belong to them.


Leaks on private pipework are the owner's responsibility. We make sure to explain the actions the owner needs to take, so they can get the leak fixed as quickly as possible.

Planning the repair

So, we now know there is a leak, we need to fix it, and we want to fix it as quickly as we can.


But, we can't just pull up paths and roads without careful planning and permission.


We work with councils and planning officers to make sure we can safely access the pipes. This can mean we need temporary traffic lights or even road closures.


The safety of our customers, the public and our crew is the most important thing we consider when planning our repairs.


Planning can take up to three weeks, and councils often give us a date we can begin the repair.

Time to fix it!

Yes, the step you've been waiting for!


We shut off the supply to the pipe that needs to be repaired. We'll try to redirect the water supply, so you aren't left without.


Our teams will dig up the area around that pipe.


We replace the section of pipe that is leaking.


The pipes are put back to work

Our teams come back, usually within a week, to fill the hole in.


We'll test the new pipes, to make sure our repair has worked.


Once we're happy with our repair, the new pipe will be put in service, and the leak will be no more!

How we find leaks

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