We're committed to reducing the risk of sewer flooding in the North East.
If you're experiencing sewer flooding, please call
0800 328 7648
What is sewer flooding?

Sewer flooding is an unpleasant situation where sewage overflows the system, often due to a blockage or extremely bad weather.


Sewer flooding can happen inside the home from any of the drains in the kitchen or bathroom. It can also happen outside, on private and public land.

How can we prevent sewer flooding?

The best way to prevent sewer flooding is to use the sewers properly.


Wet wipes, even the ones that say they're safe to flush, should never go down the toilet. Wipes usually contain plastics, and plastics do not break down in water like toilet paper.


Makeup wipes, cotton buds and pads, underwear, sanitary towels and tampons, razor heads, they all go in the bin. Our team has even pulled children's toys from the toilet drain.

Please remember only toilet paper, pee and poo go down the loo.
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