We're campaigning to get everyone to take better care of their drains by binning their wipes, along with anything else that doesn’t belong in the loo.

It's really easy, too. All we're asking you to do, is use your toilet, drains and sinks responsibly.

No wet wipe is flushable, even though the packaging might say otherwise.

Wet wipes contain plastic, and do not biodegrade or break down in water like toilet roll does.


Bathroom waste like sanitary products, wet wipes, make-up wipes, wipes for cleaning the toilet, tissues and cotton buds go in the bin. Wipes for removing make-up and cleaning bathrooms are the biggest culprit. Why not switch to reusable cloth wipes instead?


Food waste should always be scraped in the bin, and this includes the oil and grease from your pots and pans.


Blockages can cause misery for you, your neighbours, our customers and our colleagues.


If sewage is stopped from getting to our treatment works, due to a blockage caused by wipes, it has nowhere to go other than back up the drain into your home, garden and/or street. It's really not nice…


Flooding and bad smells from blockages can cost lots of money to fix, too. 

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