Draft DWMP
Our Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) helps us to prepare for changes to the environment in our region. Our plan looks more than 25 years into the future and sets out what we will need to do to keep our wastewater systems fit for today and the future.

Our draft plan includes four options with different levels of investment required. Consultation on our draft DWMP begins on Friday 8 July and closes on Friday 30 September.  To have your say on on our plan, click here.


To help in our consultation we are publishing;

  • Our Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan – A customer summary found below by clicking What is a DWMP
  • A non-technical report found below by clicking Our DWMP
  • A technical report found below by clicking Technical Report
  • Technical appendices found below by clicking DWMP Methodologies
  • Drainage Community Summaries found below by clicking in In Your Area


Our draft DWMP has been produced following the national guidelines which are available here. We have also taken account of the UK Government's consultation on the Storm Overflow Discharge Reduction Plan, and developed options in support of these proposals.

Please note: access to the Technical report of our Draft DWMP area below, is restricted to key stakeholders only. If you have not already been invited to join this group you will be prompted to request access before you can view the documents.

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