Found a blocked drain or sewer in, or on, your property? 

You'll need to unblock it, but fortunately, there's easy ways to do this.


Unblocking liquids are available in supermarkets, and a good, regular clean of your sink, toilet, shower and bath can help keep build-up at bay.

What if the blockage is in a public sewer?

Please let us know about it by calling 0345 717 1100. We aim to arrive at blocked sewers within four hours.

What causes blockages, and how can I prevent them?

A very common cause of drain blockages is cooking oil. It sticks and hardens inside the pipes. The more you pour down the plughole, the more it builds up. 


To stop this from happening, remember to scrape oils and food from your pots, pans and plates into the bin before you wash them. 

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