Water saving products

Reduce the amount of water and energy you use.

Water saving kit

The water saving kit provides you with a variety of water saving devices that will reduce your utility bills and help you to reduce your water consumption by as much as 95 litres per day.

After fitting, the devices will immediately start saving you money by reducing your daily water consumption. Everybody can save money by saving water, not only those that pay for their water by meter. By heating less water you will use less gas, electricity or oil - saving money as well as carbon.

Using less water also helps to free up space within the sewer network which can help reduce the risk of flooding during times of heavy rainfall. Click here for other Rainwise tips.

The water saving kit includes the products below:

Universal plug - saves on average 12 litres per day. Universal size to fit all sinks.

Tap insert - saves on average 36 litres per day. Fits most wash basin taps with circular outlets. Simply screw into the tap nozzle.

Save-a-flush - saves on average 12 litres per day. Follow the instructions printed on the back of the product. Suitable for toilets purchased before 2001.

4 minute shower time - saves on average 5 litres per day. When you shower turn the timer over and get out when the sand runs out.

Water saving shower regulator - saves on average 30 litres per day. Unscrew your existing hose from the system (not your showerhead), screw the regulator on to the system finger tight and screw the shower hose into the regulator. (Not suitable for low pressure or electric showers.)

Installation of the products is quick and easy, with full instructions provided. Please check before installing devices to ensure suitability of product. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

Northumbrian Water cannot be held responsible for any malfunction or damage caused as a result of water saving products being fitted.

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Water saving kit  

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