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Weekly fishing reports

Weekly fishing reports - 24 May 2015

Trout fisheries Number of anglers  - week Number of trout taken - week Number of  trout returned - week Total number of trout caught - week  Rod average - week Best trout - week Number of fish re-stocked - week Total number of anglers to date Total number of fish caught  to date Largest trout of the season so far Seasonal rod average
Kielder Water 108 374 16 390 3.61  4lb 0 788 1,929 6lb 4oz 2.45
Fontburn Reservoir 175 808  14 822 4.6  11lb 500 1,810 5,348 11lb 2.95
Whittle Dene Reservoir 53      


Derwent Reservoir 254 821  167 988 3.9  7lb 12oz 900 2,553 10,157 10lb 8oz 3.98
Grassholme Reservoir 165 870  0 870 5.3 6lb 12oz 700 1,527 6,677 10lb 6oz 4.2
Hury Reservoir 61 190  35  225 3.6  5lb 250 536 2,312 9lb 4.3
Scaling Dam Reservoir 79 230 0 230 2.9 7lb 9oz 0 910 3,136 6lb 3.4

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Kielder Water

Fishery Headline: Ian and Richard take WaterAid win

High winds greeted anglers for the second heat of the prestigious Kielder WaterAid pairs competition. Despite the strong winds hampering drifts and the control of fly lines, anglers averaged three fish per rod with winners landing an impressive nine fish. Winners Richard Wood and Ian Coatsworth progress to the final along with Second place Alan Morton and John Cowell and taking Third spot was father and son pair Ray and Stephen Appleby. The best areas on the day were the Belling and Stockie Bay due to their sheltered location.

Elsewhere on the reservoir the most success from the bank was found mainly in Stockie Bay with notable results also recorded from Gordon′ Walls and Hawkhope.  Mr D Watson recorded both the biggest fish and  catch of the week netting his eight fish limit in Stockie Bay on a worm and Powerbait combinationfor a total weight of 18lb 5oz with the biggest rainbow of 4lb.

The third and final heat of the WaterAid pairs will be held Sunday 21 June. To book your place or for more information please call Leaplish Waterside Park 01434 251000.


Boats can now stay out until 8pm. Half day boats are also available throughout the week. For bookings please call Leaplish Waterside Park on 01434 251000


For more images visit our Facebook Page Fishing with Northumbrian Water or Twitter @gofishingnwl  




Best flies: Cat′s Whisker, Orange Fritz, Hares Ear        


Best Bait /Lures: Powerbait,Worm and Sweetcorn 


Best areas Bank: Hawkhope, Stockie Bay,Gordons Wall

Best areas Boat:  Belling Inlet 


Ranger Office: 01434 251000




Ranger: Karl Main 





















Fontburn Reservoir

Fishery Headline:  James family claim 11lb Fontburn special

Fontburn has seen an unprecedented increase in fish movement around all margins of the reservoir this week. Catch returns shows many anglers leaving Fontburn with exceptional catches and many 2lb - 4lb included in returns. Two tagged fish taken this week , firstly, James Jobling received £200 and Paul Dryden also netted the £200 jackpot. The biggest fish of the season so far was landed by Mr P James and family. This Fontburn specimen was a fully finned rainbow weighing in at 11lb and that was just the tip of the iceberg as their catch for the day weighed in at 33lb. Many more anglers recorded exceptional catches including Mr G Todd who netted a combined weight of 24lb 12oz. Mr & Mrs Mckever visited Fontburn twice this week recorded a 20lb 8oz catch on there first trip and then recorded a 22lb 8oz catch on there second trip. Mr D Soppitt landed a double catch limit for a combined weight of 39lb 4oz. An abundance of hawthorn flies have also tempted to fish to the surface and fly anglers are taking advantage including Mr S Barnes who recorded a limit catch and returning seven fish. Fly anglers reported Hawthorn and Black Nymphs were proving very effective as was a Cat′s Whisker on a quick retrieve. The best method for bait anglers were ledgered PowerBait in conjunction with a swim feeder filled with Magic Dust or float fished worm and PowerBait cocktail on a short trace.For more images visit our Facebook Page Fishing with Northumbrian Water or Twitter @gofishingnwl

Best flies; Cat’s Whisker, Dawsons Olive, Black Nymph, Black Hawthorn 


Best Baits: PowerBait Mice Tails (all varieties), Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs 


Best areas: North shore point to nature reserve for fly and all areas for bait 


Ranger office: 01669 621368


Ranger: Paul Perryman 

Whittle Dene Reservoir

Coarse Angling News

 Whittle Dene :





With the wind direction proving favourable this week anglers saw some excellent catches. Anglers were this week able to locate and keep fish congested long enough to accumulate decent catches as the strong winds begin to abate. Skimmers and good quality roach made up the best part of catches. Mr K Brown returned 109 roach as well as 58 gudgeon and this weeks match saw the winner John Parkinson net a catch of mixed silver fish for 13lb 15oz. Of the top five rods, four were taken on the quiver and included mainly skimmers although Mr. D Watson took his 6lb 2oz catch of roach on the pole.




Sunday Match results are: 1st John Parkinson 13lb 15oz
                                        2nd Nick Jose 9lb 10oz
                                        3rd Mr. P Hoult 7lb 12oz
                                        4th Mr. R Thompson 6lb 4oz
                                        5th Mr. D Watson 6lb 2oz


Best baits: Maggot


Best method: Quiver


Best areas: Lower


Ranger: Paul Perryman


For more information on Whittle Dene contact the ranger team on 01669 621368












Derwent Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Hawthorn hatch send fish into feeding frenzy!


A brilliant week of sport had anglers of all ages leaving with smiles on their faces with hundreds of quality fish landed including seven fish between 6lb-8lb in weight. Rod averages rocketed during the latter part of the week as the winds dropped a little to allow the fish to move into the margins as sediment settled. Fly anglers saw the first hatch of hawthorn flies and were on the wing in their thousands as the air temperatures rose. This enticed fish into the top two feet over the weekend and feeding relentlessly on drowned hawthorn flies. Top rod over the weekend was Ernie Craster who returned 33 fish closely followed by Peter Crowe and M Findlay who both caught and returned 30 fish each. Other anglers also caught into double figures on our Catch and Release permit with the Meadow and Henry’s plantation the hotspots using small, traditional black flies. Bait anglers also had some great sport at Murray’s Point east to the Dam Wall with Pink baits including PowerBait Mice Tails the most popular. Mr. J Stacey netted the biggest fish of the week at 7lb 12oz on PowerBait and another tagged fish was netted by John Batey using Orange PowerBait Eggs. All in all this has been the best week of the season all around for old and young, fly and bait with a rod average of almost four fish per angler to show for it!

For more images visit our Facebook Page Fishing with Northumbrian Water or Twitter @gofishingnwl

Best flies: Black fritz, Hawthorn, Bibio, Black and Peacock, Black Pennell, Montana

Best Baits: Ledgered Pink PowerBait Eggs or Pink / White PowerBait Mice Tails, both with Magic Dust/maggots in a feeder

Best areas: First fence, Murray’s Point, Hunter House, Meadow, Henry’s Plantation

Ranger office:
01207 255250

Christopher Hodgson 
















Grassholme Reservoir

Fishery Headline:  Amazing sport with rocketing rod average


An outstanding week saw one of the highest rod averages of the season with anglers averaging well over five fish per angler! Monday saw a fabulous return for those prepared to brave the current conditions. Kit Brown had twelve fish on a family permit, Steve Brown and Paul Gerard also left after a cracking days sport. Pauls catch all fell to worm on ledgering tactics. Grassholme fished steadily through the week with weather conditions improving slightly as the week progressed and Friday saw great catches all around the water as anglers managed an amazing rod average of 7.3 fish per angler. Fish were also being attracted by a well presented fly including a Teal and Black and a Dawsons Olive. It was a busy Bank Holiday weekend with exceptional catches and lots of people reaching their eight fish before lunch on Saturday and Sunday. PowerBait Paste and spinnerre both successful and tempted some nice fish. Ian Grey from West Auckland finished his Bank Holiday weekend with a tagged fish from the Dam Wall and pocketed £200 bonus. 



NEWSFLASH – There are still tagged fish to catch and the jackpot is still at £200.

For more images visit our Facebook Page Fishing with Northumbrian Water or Twitter @gofishingnwl

Best flies: Black and Teal ,Dawson′s Olive,Bibio

Best Baits: Pink Sparkle PowerBait Eggs, Pink / White Mice Tails, Mepps, float fished worm

Best areas: West end , Dam Wall, sheltered bays on south shore

Ranger office:
01833 641121

Lee Brewster

Hury Reservoir

Fishery Headline:   Hawthorn Heaven!


Masses of Hawthorn flies were taking to the wing during the week as temperatures rose and brought the fish nearer to the surface. Hury saw mixed weather conditions but consistent catch returns throughout the week and into the weekend. Either side of the Dam Wall produced good fish, as did the bays further west towards the peninsular and Newhouse Bay. This week was dominated by persistent westerly winds but not with such recent ferocity allowing anglers a greater choice of tactics. Black Hawthorn flies on the surface and lures fished at speed are both doing well. Additionally, teams of wets drifting with the wind accounted for fish near the surface as fish feed on sunken hawthorn flies. George Wind and John Kerry , both of Newcastle, had an excellent morning Tuesday catching their limits by eleven o′clock carrying on their brilliant seasons so far!


For more images visit our Facebook Page Fishing with Northumbrian Water or Twitter @gofishingnwl




Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Black Fritz, White Humungus, Black Daddy , Black Pennell, Bibio,Hawthorn


Best areas: Disabled Platform,Reedy Point,Corporal Hill,Newhouse Bay,west end boil pipe 




Ranger office: 01833 641121 








Ranger:  Lee Brewster 











Scaling Dam Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Brucies Bonus!

Bait and fly anglers had a difficult start to the week with the trout pushed from the margins into deeper areas. However, Scaling came alive for the weekend with calmer conditions and some nice 3lb - 8lb trout being caught. Matty Bell from Guisborough had a fantastic day on the west end of the Dam Wall catching his eight fish limit on PowerBait Mice Tails including a lovely 4lb 14oz rainbow and a total catch limit weighing 15lb 12oz. Harry Noble from Sleights went home with his ten fish Loyalty Day limit from the east end rocks including a nice 4lb 6oz rainbow all caught on White Gulp Eggs and worm. George Houston from Guisborough also took his eight fish limit from the east end rocks on Blue Mango PowerBait Paste tipped with worm. Bailey Baldwin aged 11 from Norton earned himself a free days fishing when he pulled in a lovely 5lb 8oz tagged blue on Yellow PowerBait Eggs from the west end of the Dam Wall. Our biggest fish of the season was caught by Bruce Hodgson from Brotton, who caught a lovely 7lb 9oz rainbow on Yellow / Orange PowerBait Mice Tails from the west end of the Dam Wall.

For more images visit our Facebook Page Fishing with Northumbrian Water or Twitter @gofishingnwl


Best flies: Montana, fritz patterns, Bibio, Dawsons Olive


Best Bait /Lures: Worm, White Gulp Egg, Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs. Orange PowerBait Mice Tails

Best areas: All areas fishing well 

Ranger office: 01287 644032

Ranger: Jed Revill

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