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Weekly fishing reports

Weekly fishing reports - 19 April 2015

Trout fisheries Number of anglers  - week Number of trout taken - week Number of  trout returned - week Total number of trout caught - week  Rod average - week Best trout - week Number of fish re-stocked - week Total number of anglers to date Total number of fish caught  to date Largest trout of the season so far Seasonal rod average
Kielder Water 57 129 4  133 2.3  3lb 6oz 0 329 657 4lb 3oz 1.9
Fontburn Reservoir 171 508  0  508 3.46  4lb 600 940 2,351 9lb 2.5
Whittle Dene Reservoir 22      5lb


Derwent Reservoir 304 1,165  44  1,209 4.0  10lb 4oz 1,150 1,394 5,746 10lb 4oz 4.12
Grassholme Reservoir 187 747  0 747 4.1 6lb 750 863 3,848 10lb 6oz 4.5
Hury Reservoir 61 144  32  176 2.9  3lb 150 297 1,434 9lb 4.7
Scaling Dam Reservoir 104 295 14 309 3.0  3lb .8oz 0 489 1,757 5lb 8oz 3.5

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Kielder Water

Fishery headline:  Keith’s cracking catch from boat!

Weather conditions improved throughout the week retaining water levels at a metre below the spillway offering anglers ideal access to many favoured locations. Ian Wilson recorded the heaviest fish of the week with a rainbow trout of 3lb 6oz caught from the bank between Mathew’s Linn and the Mirage on the south shoreline on worm and sweet corn. Boat angler Keith Blair had a great catch weighing in at 17lb 4oz from Needs Hill directly opposite to the Hawkhirst Scout Camp. Anglers are finding fish shoaled in bays and shallow water as this large body of water struggles to warm following the long winter.
Boat hire will remain from 8.30am until 5.30pm throughout April and from 1 May boat hire will be from 8.30am until 8.00pm.
Book your fishing boat on 01434 251000 and it will be ready on the Leaplish Jetty on arrival, anglers may experience a short delay for boats that are not pre booked.
The cark-park and toilets at Matthews Linn are open for the season and there is also car parking below the Bakethin Weir for anglers wishing to fish the west end of

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Best flies:


 Blue Dunn, Coral blobs, Pearl Blob, Clan Chief, mini goldhead lures


Best baits:


PowerBait Eggs, worms, sweet corn


 Best Spinner :

Quill Minnow, Yellow and Red Toby
































  Best areas: 































































   Boat-   Mirage, Matthew’s Linn, Little Whickhope














 Bank-  Mirage, Merlin Brae





























Fontburn Reservoir

Fishery Headline:  Les Lands Specimen Brown                  

Warmer weather has seen water levels fall steadily with fish continuing to move from deeper water into range of eagerly awaiting anglers. However, a cold easterly wind and overnight frosts later in the week meant that some days a longer cast got the best results with Magic Dust in a feeder helping to entice fish into swims. Les Douglass from Bedlington topped off a catch of seven rainbows with the ‘fish of the week’ with an outstanding 4lb brown caught on ledgered Orange PowerBait in the north shore bay. Mr. R Hardisty also recorded an outstanding catch of eight rainbows totalling a whopping 21lb with a 3lb 7oz best fish. Gerry and Irene McKeever fished a variety of tactics near the north shore burn to record a catch of 12 rainbows totalling 26lb whilst Mr. D Hamilton used the swim feeder method in the north shore bay to quickly tempt eight rainbows weighing 16lb. Other notable catches include Mr. M Riddel with four rainbows and four blues totalling 17lb. Mr. L Lowdon and Mr. J Lawton both made limit catches weighing 16lb 4oz and 17lb 4oz respectively as sport continues to improve after a slow start to the season.

NEWSFLASH: Recently stocked specimen rainbows and tagged fish yet to be caught!

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Best Flies :- Cat’s Whisker, Black Fritz

Best Baits :- PowerBait Mice Tails (all varieties), Magic Dust

Best Areas :- North shore bay and middle section

Whittle Dene Reservoir

Fishery Headline:

An improving picture continues at Whittle Dene as the water temperatures begin to rise and fish become more active in larger numbers. Two catches signed out from Whittle Dene this week; Mr. C Anderson made a 70 fish mixed catch of roach, dace and perch, and Mr. R Small with one perch, four roach and 27 gudgeon.

The Latest Whittle Dene match produced the following results:

1. Nick Jose 7lb 14oz
2. Andy Bell 7lb 12oz
3. C. Gowling 6lb 7oz
4. J. Stephenson 6lb 4oz
5. T. Richardson 4lb 13oz


Please note – anglers must sign out and record their catch for the benefit of the fishery and other anglers.

Best baits




































Best methods:




















Pole & Feeder
















Best area:









































Derwent Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Swan holds head high with biggest fish of season!

Yet another terrific week of sport for Derwent anglers as the large pre season stocking and continued re stocking has ensured anglers have had some of the best sport for years. We continue to see many of the recently stocked larger rainbows come to the net with six fish between 8lb and 10lb 4oz caught during the period. On Saturday Keith Swan from Seaham took the biggest fish of the season so far when he netted a cracking 10lb 4oz rainbow at Pow Hill. Keith was using ledgered tactics and Orange Glitter PowerBait. Saturday was also a good day for Adam Shield from Stanley when he managed an 8lb cracker from Hunter House using Orange and Yellow Mice Tails. Pow Hill to Hunter House has again been a hot spot for most bait anglers this week. Simon Tweddle from Stanhope, accompanied by his daughter Courtney, returned for a second permit taking a total of 12 fish with Courtney taking the biggest; a nice 3lb 4 oz. rainbow. Fly anglers have seen some great sport at Millshield with fish moving around in large shoals. Mr Ellison caught and returned 19 fish on a Dawson’s Olive fishing on our new Catch and Release permit. Intermediate lines and lures are best with much less terrestrial fly life on the water due to the cold east wind, however, this looks set to change!

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Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Cat’s Whisker, Black Fritz, Orange Fritz

Best baits:PowerBait Mice Tails and Magic Dust, Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs

Best areas: Pow Hill to Hunter House,  north bank next to Tower, Millshields

Grassholme Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Best season rod average for years continues!

The week started slowly with unfavourable weather conditions and changeable winds making it difficult for anglers. Success was found with roaming tactics with anglers finding fish in the channels and wind lanes. Heading into the weekend some excellent sized fish were caught with several over the 4lb mark. These larger fish complemented some excellent eight fish catches which helped sustain a rod average well above four fish per angler so far this season. Mr and Mrs Dodsworth had an excellent day Friday calling on their years of experience to catch eleven fish on a Couples permit which included the best fish of the week; a lovely finned 6lb rainbow landed using Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs just along from the boat jetty. An excellent angler attendance at the weekend saw two very contrasting days. On Saturday the weather was ideal with some good sport had with most areas fishing well with a number of limit catches recorded. Sunday represented a very challenging days fishing with a notorious easterly wind making angling hard for even the most experienced. Those fishing the west end of the reservoir near the nature reserve towards Rigg Bank had the most success with a number of anglers catching several fish quickly as shoals of feeding fish passed.


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Rod average week (fish caught) 4.1
Best flies of the week

 Black Fritz, Dawson′s Olive (orange body)


Best bait of the week

Orange Sparkle PowerBait Eggs, Chartreuse Sparkles PowerBait Eggs

Chartreuse/ Orange Mice Tails 

Best areas of the week

 Dam Wall and Witch’s Hat, Rigg bank


Hury Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Mr ‘’ Catch and Release’’ Matthews

Anglers caught consistently throughout the week with most fish averaging around 2lb in weight. Reedy Bank to the Howgill Point proved a hotspot as fish remained mobile and keen to take most flies fished at the correct depth. With fly hatches still slow due to colder temperatures lure patterns such as Dawson’s Olive (orange body), Cats Whisker and fritz patterns have kept anglers and the fish in contact. Mr R Matthews of Cockfield made the most of the popular Catch and Release permit landing 26 fish on a very productive Thursday afternoon. This permit is proving a massive hit at Hury offering outstanding value for money at £15. The weekend proved to be a lot harder as an east wind returned. However, some anglers such as Mr K Reay of Durham persisted and was rewarded with seven fish for 14lb with the largest being 3lb. Temperatures look set to rise next week so anglers should experience the first major fly hatches bringing life to the water and providing great sport on buzzers and other terrestrial imitations.


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Rod average week (fish caught)  2.9
Best flies of the week

  Dawson’s Olive, Black Fritz, Orange Fritz, Cat′s Whisker


Best areas of the week


  Most areas fishing well 



Scaling Dam Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Taylor tips the scales with eight beauties

Another great week at Scaling Dam as anglers continued to see some excellent catches and a rod average of over three fish per angler. Strong winds dominated the first four days of this week creating challenging conditions for fly and bait anglers. Calm weather on Thursday brought the trout close to the margins and anglers were rewarded at both ends of the Dam Wall. Mr P Taylor from Middlesbrough hit a nice hotspot at the west end of the Dam Wall casting only a couple of rod lengths out netting his limit with an Orange PowerBait Egg tipped with worm. Geoff Smith from Swainby continued his excellent season taking home his eight fish limit on ledgered Orange Mice Tails beating his brother Les by one fish, also at the west end. Jake Dale from Stokesley took his eight fish limit from the east end bay on White Gulp Eggs and worm.

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Rod average week (fish caught) 3.91
Best flies of the week




Dawson’s Olive




Best bait of the week










Orange PowerBait, Orange / Yellow Mice Tails,











Best areas 








Eastern areas of the Dam





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