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Weekly fishing reports

Weekly fishing reports - 27 September 2015

Trout fisheries Number of anglers  - week Number of trout taken - week Number of  trout returned - week Total number of trout caught - week  Rod average - week Best trout - week Number of fish re-stocked - week Total number of anglers to date Total number of fish caught  to date Largest trout of the season so far Seasonal rod average
Kielder Water 69 169 18 187 2.7  3lb 12oz 0 2,129 6,260 6lb 4oz 2.94
Fontburn Reservoir 108 137 2 139 1.27  6lb 9oz 300 4,651 13,165 11lb 2.83
Whittle Dene Reservoir 27                           


Derwent Reservoir 238 613 12 625 2.6  4lb 8oz 600 7,474 22,585 10lb 8oz 3.0
Grassholme Reservoir 138 380 0 380 2.7  5lb 8oz 420 4,758 17,534 10lb 6oz 3.7
Hury Reservoir 36 102 18 120 3.3 5lb 4oz 110 1,366 4,918 9lb 3.6
Scaling Dam Reservoir 80 155 4 159 2.0  4lb 6oz 0 2,803 6,848 7lb 9oz 2.4

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Kielder Water

Fishery Headline: Tony spins to success

Boat anglers found success around the inlet streams as well as Belling and Whickhope proving the better spots with some finding Matthew’s Linn worth a try. Bank anglers had most success around Tower Knowe and Stockie Bay where Jon. E. Clark netted the biggest rainbow of the week; a fine 3lb 12oz rainbow caught on a worm and a PowerBait combination. The best catch of the week caught around Tower Knowe using spinners and Toby lures was taken by Tony Gradwell with eight rainbows for 23lb.

PLEASE NOTE: Kielder will once again be holding the annual marathon the weekend of 3 and 4 of October resulting in restricted access to car parks and the bank due to the footpath closures in place for the event. Anybody wishing to fish can purchase permits at Leaplish prior to 8am or Tower Knowe prior to 10am. After these times access to Leaplish is unavailable and access to Tower Knowe will be limited. Bank angling will only be permitted between Tower Knowe and Stockie Bay. Boats are unavailable throughout the weekend.

For more images visit our Facebook Page Fishing with Northumbrian Water or Twitter @gofishingnwl

Best flies: Orange Blob, Cat’s Whisker, Dawson’s Olive

Best baits: PowerBait, worm

Best boat areas: The Belling Inlet, Whickhope
Best bank areas: Tower Knowe, Stockie Bay, Gordon’s Wall

Leaplish Waterside Park: For general enquiries and boat bookings please call on 01434 251000

Ranger: Karl Main

Fontburn Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Fontburn favours the spinner!

With water temperatures still hovering around the 14 degrees mark and water levels slowly dropping, fish are being concentrated into deeper areas of the reservoir where they could be seen topping during the morning sun. Later in the day these fish move into the margins hunting fry and terrestrial life that has blown onto the water. Daddy long legs and heather flies can be seen in large numbers on the surface along the margins providing excellent surface feed for trout. Roving fly anglers willing to venture near to the nature reserve are being rewarded with some excellent late season sport as trout gauge themselves on fry and terrestrials. Bait anglers are having best success using ledgered PowerBait fished on a long trace allowing the bait move, enticing the feeding trout. Spinners have really come into their own as they account for a high percentage of fish taken. Mr and Mrs McKiever landed the best catch of the week with 12 rainbows totalling over 21lb. Mr. M Flanigan landed 11 superb trout for an impressive total weight of 19lb 12oz. Wayne Jopling netted five pristine rainbows using a variety of spinners for a respectable weight of 10lb 2oz. Mr. B Dobey landed the fish of the week recording a superb rainbow of 6lb 9oz on ledgered Orange PowerBait Eggs near the ramp.

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Best flies: Black Buzzer, Daddy Long Legs, Kate McLaren

Best Baits: Mepps, ledgered Orange PowerBait, Glitter PowerBait Eggs

Best areas: North shore burn, Dam Wall, near nature reserve

Ranger office: 01669 621368

Paul Perryman

Whittle Dene Reservoir

Coarse Angling News  

Whittle Dene:

With ideal conditions later in the week catches improved as anglers enjoyed the late summer sun. Dave Coster made two visits this week to record mixed catches consisting of mainly skimmers with a few other anglers reporting similar small catches for undisclosed weights. Large shoals of carp were observed feeding around the outlet of the Northern. Worm or bunches of maggots have been best baits with feeder, slider or waggler methods best.

Best baits: Worm

Best method: Waggler / feeder

Best areas: Northern

Ranger: Steve Catlin

For more information on Whittle Dene contact the ranger team on 01669 621368


















Derwent Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Sunshine brings surface sport alive!

A week of contrasts in weather highlighted just what an affect it can have on the behaviour of the fish. Saturday was overcast and fish were landed in numbers on both banks but after a night frost followed by brilliant sunshine on Sunday almost all anglers found the fish in a dour and difficult mood. Despite the conditions, Gary Limond from Delves Lane managed to catch his first trout taking a nice 2lb rainbow on a ledgered Orange PowerBait Mice-tails. Other notable catches were Mr. T Deneri and Mr. P Buckley both taking 10 fish on there free ‘Loyalty Day’ and the best catch was Mr. M Kenny with a total weight for 18lb 8oz taken using fly and spinner. Anglers need to adapt to the conditions with regard to the depth and distance from shore as the conditions dictate. A huge hatch of small buzzers has enticed fish to the surface on occasions and flies such as a Black Buzzer, Diawl Bach or Pheasant Tail Nymph patterns drifted on the breeze has worked well. The majority of bait anglers have used ledger methods but fish were also taken on float fished worm using a short trace.

NEWSFLASH – 800 Lartington fish will be stocked on two separate days this coming week which will include many 3lb fish!

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Best flies: Bibio, Diawl Bach, Beamish Killer

Best baits: Ledgered PowerBait Mice-tails, Silver or Gold Toby.

Best areas:

Bait: Pow hill, first fence stream, second fence
Fly: Cronkley corner, start of Henry’s Plantation

Ranger office:
01207 255250

Steven Bisset








Grassholme Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Mark Sparks Success

Grassholme had a mix of weather conditions this week but it has not affected the sport on the reservoir. Mark Stephenson from Bishop Auckland had a excellent morning fishing at the Witch’s Hat. Mark caught his eight fish limit for a total weight of 17lb 8oz using a mixture of Orange PowerBait Eggs and worm on a ledger. The secret to Mark’s success was to fish only 10 to 15 yards from the bank where he found fish patrolling for food. The hot spots over the weekend were the west end car park and in front of the fishing lodge with Bob Watson and Billy McKenna from Washington Angling Club both catching their limits using various PowerBait Eggs. David Hancock and John Temple from the Washington also caught their eight fish limits straight in front of the fishing lodge. Dan Mills caught the heaviest fish of the week weighing in at 4lb 10oz.

NEWSFLASH – Grassholme will be stocked twice this week including more tagged fish.

For more images visit our Facebook Page Fishing with Northumbrian Water or Twitter @gofishingnwl

Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Foam Daddy, Black or Brown Hopper

Best Baits: Orange PowerBait Eggs, Mice-tails and spinners

Best areas: Witch’s Hat, north and south banks, west end

Ranger office:
01833 641121

Trevor Wright

Hury Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Wind catches well at Hury

With blustery conditions earlier in the week making way for calmer days later in the week fish started to take flies from the surface as they patrolled the banks for food. Those who explored the reservoir got their rewards for their persistence. Mr. I Wells had a good day at Reedy Bank and the west end of the reservoir catching his eight fish limit and returning a further three fish. Mr Wells caught the majority of his fish on a Bibio and a Black Hopper. George Wind from Newcastle caught the heaviest fish of the week weighing in at 5lb 4oz, George’s limit weighed an impressive 24lb 8oz.

For more images visit our Facebook Page Fishing with Northumbrian Water or Twitter @gofishingnwl

Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Bibio, Black Hopper, Daddy Long Legs

Best areas: Corporal Hill and both sides of the Dam Wall

Ranger office:
01833 641121

Trevor Wright






Scaling Dam Reservoir

Fishery Headline: Geoff nets £200 at the end of the rainbow!

Cool morning temperatures have seen trout feeding in deeper water and anglers have found success with longer casts and natural baits such as worm and maggot. Warm sunshine in the afternoons forced anglers to change tactics with the trout feeding closer to the surface. Geoff Smith from Swainby found success with a PowerBait cocktail tipped with Yellow Mice-tails on the morning, switching to a more natural worm on a bubble float for the afternoon and was rewarded with seven quality rainbows. His first cast produced a tagged rainbow which earned Geoff £200 and his biggest was a pristine 4lb rainbow. Peter Hood from Boosbeck decided to head to the deeper stretches of the Dam Wall and was rewarded with five rainbows including our biggest of the week; a lovely 4lb 6oz specimen. Andrew Hodgson from Hartlepool braved late afternoon rain on a credit cruncher and went home with three rainbows all caught on worm with a bubble float to round off a good day.

NEWSFLASH – 300 Lartington fish will be stocked this week including lots of 3lb plus rainbows and more tagged fish!

For more images visit our Facebook Page Fishing with Northumbrian Water or Twitter @gofishingnwl

Best Flies:
Invicta, Dawson’s Olive

Best baits:
Worm, Blue and Mango PowerBait Paste

Best Areas:
East end bay, Dam Wall

Jed Revill





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