Let's talk about mental health

Mental health is one of the UK's biggest health challenges. As the cost of living and energy bills rise, we understand it's a difficult time for many.


We want to make sure we can help you with your bills, accounts or services, and point you in the right direction for more support.


If you're struggling to pay your bills or falling into debt, please get in touch.


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We're here to talk to you, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

Why talk about mental health?
Talking can be a great help to those struggling

Mind, the mental health charity, reports that "one in four people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England".


That means you, or someone you know. We're talking about a subject that affects so many people.


Mental health illnesses can affect how we approach our day to day lives, including paying our bills and managing money.


With so many people struggling with mental health and money during COVID-19, it's clear that we have a duty to talk about mental health more.


We've put this page together to support our customers who are struggling with their mental health, to let them know they aren't alone. We will help as much as we can, even if that's pointing you to trusted support groups such as Mind, the NHS, and others.

How to talk to us if you're struggling to pay your bills
Call us, send an email or a Facebook Message

We know talking about money is hard. Our teams are helpful and we will never judge you. 


There are a few ways you can talk to us, so you can choose which is best for you. Some want to hear a friendly voice, so call us on 0345 733 5566. Others would rather send us a message on WhatsApp or email us at supportplus@nwl.co.uk


However you want to talk, we're here to listen.


If you're worried about the bills
Help is here

First, we want to let you know there is help available.


We can work with you to find the best payment plan. Our financial support schemes can lower your bills.


Find out more about our financial support scheme here.

Where can I go for more support?
Some online resources

Our goal is to help as much as we can, but as a water company, there's only so much we can do!


Instead, here are some resources you should check out if you (or someone you know) are struggling:

Mind matters

Are you sure?

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