We get lots of questions from our customers about their bills, so we've put the most common questions here!
How do you work out my bill?

The way we bill you will depend on if you have a water meter or not. 


We've set out the differences between metered and unmetered customers here, so read on!



I have a water meter

If you have a meter, you pay for the water you use. That means you get two bills a year, to pay the money owed for the water used.


It's really helpful to give regular meter reads. Two meter reads a year helps us give you the most accurate bill.


You can give us meter reads with an online account, or by calling our 24/7 automated meter line, on 0800 032 3418.

I don't have a water meter

Your bill sets out the charges for the year ahead. If you don't have a meter, we use Rateable Value (you can learn more about that here.

Rateable Value uses the rental value of your home, and our current charges, so we can work out your bill in advance.

I have no idea if I have a water meter or not

No problem, we can help! There are lots of ways you can find out if you have a meter in your home.


The easiest way is with an online account. Your online account will tell you if your home has a meter or not.


No online account? Create one now; it's free, quick and easy.


Don't forget, it's the law to install water meters in homes built from 1990 onward, so if you live in a 'new build', or a home built in 1990 onward, you'll have a water meter.


Find more information about water meters here.

How do I ask for a refund?

If you're closing your account, and you're due a refund, we'll get it sent out as soon as possible.


If you paid your bills by Direct Debit and you haven't cancelled it yet, we can refund you directly to your bank account.


If that isn't an option, we'll pop a cheque in the post.


We do advise that current customers keep credit on their account, to cover any costs throughout the year. Still, it's your money, and if you want it back, just ask.


If you're not closing your account, and you want a refund of your credit, give us a call or send us a message on WhatsApp.


What is eBilling? 

By cutting down on the amount of paper we use, we're helping our planet.


If you want to help us, why not sign up to eBilling? We'll email you to let you know your latest bill is available on your online account.


To sign up, log into your online account and click the button on your preferences page.

Can I get a copy of my bills? 

Get copies of your bills from the last three years on your online account! You can also see your payment history online, too.

Can you save money on your water bill?

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