Moving into student accommodation?


Exciting times! We've got wonderful universities and colleges here in the North East, so we've helped thousands of students sort out their first water bill.


We've had questions like "How can I pay my bill?" and "Do I need to pay the water bill?"


So, if you've got the same questions, read on!

Managing your account
How do I set up a student account?

All accounts and customers are equal to us at Northumbrian Water. 


Set your account up quickly and easily online here.


How many names can be added to the bill?

We can add up to two names on the bill. The two named people will be responsible for making sure payments are made.


Refunds or debt recovery action may be issued to the person, or people, named on the bill.


You can add a third person as an "authorised contact", so they'll be able to discuss the account, but they will not be financially responsible.

How do I close my account?

You can close your account in less than five minutes with our online form.


Oh, and you can log in to do this even faster.


Simply tell us you're moving out of your accommodation, and we'll do the rest.


Any refunds owed to your account will be paid to the person named on the bill.


Any money owed to us will be set out on a final bill, with all the ways you can pay.

Paying the bills
How can I pay my water bill?

Everyone handles their money differently. That's why we've got lots of ways to pay your bill.


The easiest ways to pay are:


When to pay


Again, we let you decide. You can pay your bill weekly, monthly, or in full.


In fact, lots of students choose to pay their bill in full when their student finance hits their bank.


If you do pay for the full year, we will refund you any money owed. 


Can I pay only for the months I live in the accommodation?

You can either pay the full bill, which means you'll get a refund when you leave the property, or, you can set up monthly payments.


This means you'll only pay whilst you live in the property.


You can set up a payment plan or Direct Debit here.

Who is responsible for paying the water bill?

Unless your tenancy agreement says otherwise, you (and any housemates) are responsible for the water bill.


We can only allow up to two people to be named on the bill, however.


That means any refunds will be paid to the person who is named first on the bill.

Struggling to pay
I'm struggling to pay my water bill, what can I do?

Get in touch with us, because we can help.


Studying is hard enough without the stress of managing money, too.


Whether you're on a low income, receive benefits or have debt of over £50, we have schemes to help.


Take a look at our financial help here, or get in touch on 0345 733 5566.



Who can I talk to about my money problems?

You can talk to us, if it helps. We're always happy to help you, and get your payments back on track.


We also partner with StepChange Debt Charity. They're a national service, and give free, independent advice. 


You can get in touch with StepChange on 0800 138 1111.

What are Priority Services?

Priority Services are free services for our customers to help them manage their account easily.


Our Priority Services include:

  • bills in Braille or large print
  • language translators
  • water delivery for medical conditions
  • access requirements in case we need to carry out work near your home,

and more.


Tell us how we can help with our Priority Services Register form.


Don't forget, you may not need these services, but you might know someone who does. Spread the word, so we can help as many customers as possible.

More resources and links

We've got an online forum for our customers. You'll be able to find tips, advice and more, at


You might also find these websites useful, from water- and money-saving tips, to advice for students.



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