Water saving products
Saving water is easy when you have the right tools for the job.

From simple swaps to innovative products, there's a way for us all to save water.

In the garden

The great outdoors. It's where our water comes from, and where the wastewater goes, too. Take a look at the ways we can save water in our gardens.


Water butts

These plastic containers connect to your rainwater drainpipe. Rainwater that falls on your roof is collected by the water butt, giving you a free supply of water. Water the plants, top up your pond, even wash the car and driveway with the rainwater you collect.


Water butts also stop litres of rainwater entering our sewers. The less water going down the drain, the less pressure on our systems. One water butt can hold up to 200 litres of water, which is the same as 20 full washing up bowls. 


Take a look at the water butts from Water Butts Direct here.


Water storing crystals

Your water will last longer in the flower beds with water storing crystals. Mix the crystals into the soil, and they'll soak up excess water. This is then slowly released, to keep your plants well-fed.


Cover your pond or swimming pool

In the warm weather, cover your pool or pond, so you don't lose as much water to evaporation. If you have a pond, use water surface plants, like water lilies, for a pretty and natural cover.

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