Creating an online account is easy, but just in case you need a little help, here's our how-to guide!

First, head to the menu at the top of the screen, click the account icon in the top right corner and choose 'create an account'.


Our form is really simple, we ask for your name, email and for a password. Your password should be at least 8 characters, with a mix of upper and lower case letters, and a number.


"Are you currently our customer?" 

This question helps us speed up your online account if you're already our customer or lets you set up a customer account if you're not yet our customer.


Click "No" if you don't pay a bill to us yet, and you'll be able to set up an online account and your new customer account, at the same time!


Please note if you pay your water bill to your local council, housing association or landlord, you can’t create an online account at this time. For help with your water and sewerage services, please use Facebook Messenger or call us on 0345 717 1100.

What next?

That depends on if you're a new customer, or if you already pay a bill to us. Choose the option that suits you below!

I'm already a customer

Click "Create account" after you've filled in the form, and you'll get an email to verify your account. This can take a few minutes, so don't worry too much if it doesn't pop into your inbox straight away.


You will be asked some questions, for security. These questions will include your address and your customer account number. If you don't know your account number, we'll ask you some different questions instead, no worries!

I'm not a customer, yet!

It's a double whammy if you're new here! By creating an online account, you can also set up your new customer account at the same time!


You'll get the verification email, and once you click the link inside, you'll be asked to tell us more about you.


We'll need your date of birth, your address, and a few other key bits of information that will be used to set up your customer account.


New customer accounts can take up to 10 working days to be added to our system, and we'll email you to let you know when your account is ready to use. There’s really nothing to worry about.

Some popular questions, answers and tips to troubleshoot!
It won't accept my password!

Passwords must meet our security requirements, so must:


  • be between 8 and 32 characters long
  • use a mix of UPPER and lowercase letters, and
  • have at least one number.


It's also recommended, but not required, to have a special character, like +&£!.


We also don't allow reused passwords, so make sure you're using a new one.

How do I change my email address and password?

It's easy! Log in with your current email and password, then go to your profile, where you can change both with a few quick taps of a keyboard, or your phone screen.


If you've forgotten either your email or password, go to or to get back online.

Can I manage someone else's account?

It's really important that you use your own information to manage the accounts you're responsible for.


If you need to manage another account, you will need to call us, on 0345 733 5566, so we can do a quick security check and add you as a contact for that account. You'll then be able to manage all the accounts you're connected to, in one place!

Can I manage a business account online?

If you need to manage a business' account, you need to be an "authorised contact" on that business' account. 


To create an online account for a business, you need to call us first on 0345 733 5566, so we can add you as an authorised contact. You can then fill in the "create an online account" form, using your own personal information.


Once you're logged in, you'll see all the accounts you're authorised on.

Why do you need a phone number?

We use mobile phone numbers to alert customers to important events in their area, such as burst pipes.


We'll also send updates on repair works, so you know when everything is back to normal. We can even send reminders for payments to help you keep on top of your finances.