Information about fluoride
We've had lots of questions about fluoride from our customers, so we've pulled all the information into one place.

The biggest question we get is do we add fluoride to the water supply?


The answer is yes, we do.


We add fluoride to around 40% of the water supply in the North East.


The decision on if, when and where it’s added is made by The UK Health Security Agency and the Local Authorities in our areas and we act under instruction from them.

Why is fluoride added?

It’s added to help prevent tooth decay and improve oral health.

The areas where the water supply is fluoridated include:


Chester le Street








You can check to see if the water supply where you live is fluoridated by clicking / entering your postcode within Your local area of our website. 


For more information on fluoride schemes in your area then contact your Local Authority or The UK Health Security Agency.


EIR requests can be made on fluoridation by emailing

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