Water saving tips for your garden
The great outdoors; where our water comes from.

From high demand in a hot summer, to burst pipes in winter; the environment has a big impact on our water services.

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Watering the lawn?
Try not to over water your lawn, because this encourages surface rooting rather than deep roots.


After cutting your lawn, leave the clippings on the lawn to provide nutritious mulch.

Pick your plants
Here's a selection of plants you might want to consider in your next trip to the garden centre.


Plants for a rain garden

  • cardinal flower
  • black-eyes Susan
  • swamp mallow
  • turtlehead
  • swamp milkweed
  • sedges
  • bluestar


Plants that don't need lots of water

  • succulents
  • lavandin, a lavender hybrid
  • lychnis
  • purple emperors
  • Karley Rose


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The perks of using the right plant pot
We know the kinds of plants we want, now where's best to put them?


Choosing the right kind of bed, pot and planter makes a real difference.


Always try to:

  • choose a natural dip in the ground to plant a rain garden
  • keep your plants hydrated with water storing gels and crystals, and
  • choose ceramic and metal plant pots over terracotta, or line your pots with polythene to stop water draining away.
More tools for the job
Get yourself a water butt!


Did you know?


Around 90,000 litres of water falls onto a roof in a year, and that’s enough to fill 473 water butts.


Capture some of this water by placing a water butt by sheds, greenhouses, and conservatories.


Water butts are available to Northumbrian Water customers at bargain prices here.

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