Fight back against single use plastic with Refill.

It's simple. 


Download the free app to your smartphone.


Remember to take your reusable water bottle out and about with you.


When you're running low on water, use the app to find your closest Refill station.



If 1 in 10 Brits used Refill once a week, we'd save 340 million plastic bottles a year

We're told to drink water all the time. It's fundamental to life, after all.


But, the Environmental Audit Committee's research suggests that we're using more plastic than ever to stay hydrated on the go. Around 7 billion bottles a year, to be more precise.


It's not just an environmental cost. Bottled water costs around 500 times more than water from the tap.


Refill is a way to save the planet, save some pennies and hit your hydration target. 


Want to sign up? Head to the App Store and Google Play to download the Refill app for free.

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