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Water pressure

Water pressure

If you’ve got no water or low pressure, check the information below as this may help you resolve the issue yourself.

Do you have water to your cold water kitchen / utility tap?

Northumbrian Water’s main water supply normally enters your home through the cold water tap nearest to your internal stop tap, which is usually either your cold water kitchen or utility tap.

If the supply is normal out of this tap but you are experiencing problems elsewhere such as your shower or bathroom taps this could indicate a problem with your internal plumbing.

If this is the case and you live in rented accommodation, speak to your landlord or housing association. If you own your home you may find our link to approved plumbers useful.

Is there any planned work in your area?

From time to time we need to carry out essential maintenance work to improve your water supply.

During this time we may need to turn off the water to your property or you may experience a reduction in your water pressure. If this is the case we will send you a letter or card providing information showing times and dates of the planned work.

Is there an emergency repair in your area?

If you haven’t received a letter or card giving notice of planned work there could be an emergency repair close to your home.

Click here to see if we have anything going on in your area.

Do your neighbours have water / poor pressure?

It may be advisable to check with your neighbours to see if they are experiencing similar problems to yourself as you may share your supply with them and if they are doing home improvements they may have turned the water off.

Is your internal stop tap turned on and clear of sediment?

Emergency repairs or maintenance work can sometimes cause sediment or air to become trapped behind your internal stop tap.

To release this please

• Turn on the cold water tap nearest to your internal stop tap (usually your cold water kitchen/utility tap)

• Turn your internal stop tap off and on 3 – 4 times finally leaving this in the ′on′ position

Once you have operated your internal stop tap at first you may find that the water coughs or splutters out of the tap, but usually this brings back the supply or increases the pressure.

Where is my internal stop tap?

Your internal stop tap can usually be found at the point where the water enters your property, usually underneath your kitchen/utility room sink.

Do you live in a high rise block of flats?

If you have checked all of the above and are still experiencing problems please contact your caretaker or maintenance manager. The problem may be isolated to the property, as occasionally the water pumps which deliver water to each flat fail and need to be re-set.

Still no water or low pressure?

If you would like to speak to one of our Customer Service Advisors, please call us on 0345 7171100.

For water and sewerage emergencies we are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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    No water / poor pressure

    If you’ve got no water or low pressure, check the information within this downloadable PDF as this may help you resolve the issue yourself.



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