Dealing with leaks

How to get it fixed

How to get it fixed

1) Check if the leak has been reported

Visit our Community Portal to check if the leak has already been reported.

If the leak hasn′t been reported, fill in the online form on the Portal.

If you have a smartphone, you can download our free app (available for Apple and Android devices) called ‘NWG Utileyes’ to help us quickly identify the location of the leak. With your permission, the app will let us access your smart phone camera so we can see what you are looking at.

2) Check your home insurance
If the leak is your responsibility check your home insurance as you may be covered for the repairs under your household insurance policy. If you’re a tenant, contact your landlord who may be responsible for the repairs.

3) Do you have separate home emergency insurance cover?
Have you taken out a separate insurance policy, with a home assistance provider for example HomeServe, to cover leaks on your water supply pipe? If you have, give them a call.

4) Not covered by insurance*
We can help you pay for the costs of the repair with our 12 month interest free** payment option, if you don’t have insurance cover for fixing leaks.

For a free quotation contact our specialist leak repair company, NWG Pipeline Solutions on 0800 028 3557. Alternatively, you can find a list of approved plumbers in your area by visiting or calling 0333 207 9030.

We may be able to help you pay for the pipe repair if someone in your household receives certain benefits or tax credits.

** If you default on the payment plan the full amount may be due. Terms and conditions apply.
* Please be aware that we are required to instigate a legal process if you do not repair the leak within 30 days of the leak being confirmed. This process can result in additional costs for yourself or your landlord.

5) Once your leak has been repaired
Please let us know the leak has been repaired by calling 0345 850 8602. If you have a water meter we’ll ask you to provide us with two meter readings, four weeks apart. This will help us to calculate any allowance that may be due. An allowance will only be given if the leak is repaired within 30 days.

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