Water meters

Installing a meter can reduce water usage and could save you money.

How to find and read your meter

Don’t wait until you get your bill to check your meter reading. Reading your meter regularly helps to idenitify leaks, monitor your usage and gives you the most accurate bills.

If you′re sent an estimated bill, we′re happy for you to give us a meter reading. We′ll then reissue your bill.

Once you have taken your reading you can send this to us using our online form Update your meter reading. You can also call our free, 24/7 automated meter reading line on 0800 432 0169.

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    How to find and read your meter

    If you receive a bill based on an estimated reading and would like a bill based on a true reading, we are happy to accept a reading taken by yourself and reissue the bill.


Call 0800 432 0169

Our free, automated meter reading line

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