Bill changes

Bill changes

We have been listening to our customers and have been working hard to improve our bills to make them easier to understand.

We have also reviewed the way that we set monthly payment plans. The ‘frequently asked questions’ below provide further information regarding these changes and how they may affect you.

Why have my payments increased?

Your previous monthly payment plan may not have covered your water usage or you may have had an outstanding balance from an earlier bill.

We have now changed when we calculate your payment plan (see the following question).

Why have you changed when my payment plan is calculated?

Previously your payment plan was calculated once each year and fixed for 12 months. Now each time you are billed we check the amount of water you have used. We then calculate your payments to make sure they cover what you will use, until your next bill is issued.

Changing the date we review the payment plan may result in a debit balance on your account. This may temporarily increase monthly payments for some customers. We appreciate this may be disappointing but we would anticipate that payments will reduce, once any outstanding balance and annual charges have been paid unless your water usage changes.

How does the monthly payment plan work for metered customers?

It allows you to spread the cost of your bill, paying towards your water charges each month, instead of paying your bill all at once.

How are my monthly payments calculated?

Each time we issue a bill we calculate what your water usage might be based on what you have used in the past. We then adjust your payments up or down, to ensure you are paying the right amount.

If you haven’t previously received a bill based on a meter reading, we will calculate your usage based on the number of people living in your house. If you have any debit balance or a credit on your account after we have billed you, this will also be included in our calculation of your monthly payments.

How often will my monthly payments change?

Your payments will now be reviewed each time we issue your bill. This could be every three or six months, depending on how often you are currently billed.

How can I reduce my monthly payments?

If the ‘New balance on your account’, which is shown on your bill, is a debit amount, you can make a payment to reduce or clear this. Please call us on 0345 733 5566 to make a debit or credit card payment and we will review your monthly payment plan.

How can I increase my monthly payments?

If you feel your monthly payment plan may not cover your water usage due to a change in circumstances (such as an increase in the number of people in your house) please call us on 0345 733 5566, we will then review your monthly payment plan.

What does ‘debit’ mean?

Where a debit is showing against ‘The balance on your last bill’, this is the amount owed to us at that time.

Where a debit is showing against the ‘New balance on your account’, this is the amount owed at the time the bill was produced. This balance will have been taken into account when we have calculated your new payment plan amount.

What does ‘credit’ mean?

This is the amount paid to us or that has built up towards your next bill.

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    We have been listening to our customers and have been working hard to improve our bills to make them easier to read and understand.


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