Water saving tips

Water is a very precious resource.

Why save water?

The average person in our region uses around 140 litres of water a day. It can be hard to visualise just how much water this is, but if you live in a household of two adults and two children, this is the equivalent of 985 pints of milk per day.

Water efficiency is about using water wisely to avoid waste. By avoiding waste you are not only helping to conserve a precious resource, but you are helping to protect the environment. Reducing your water waste will also reduce your carbon footprint. Water that is wasted is treated twice; once before it reaches your tap, and again before it is returned to the environment. This treatment requires a lot of energy.

At Northumbrian Water we are passionate about the environment. We hope that by providing you with the facts regarding water efficiency that you will be just as passionate about looking after this precious resource as we are.

Doing our bit . . . .

Through our Bad habits cost the earth campaign, we have implemented a number of customer focused water saving initiatives. However, we also recognise the importance of playing our own part in saving water.

Reducing our leakage to a minimum

We are continually improving our leak detection efficiency and decreasing our repair times to ensure that the water we treat reaches your taps instead of the ground.

Encouraging metering whenever possible

Northumbrian Water often installs meters free of charge upon customer request. Water meters encourage the wise use of water, and are considered to be the fairest method of charging for water consumption.

Helping our local businesses

We have experience of helping businesses manage their water more effectively. By working together we can identify areas where water is being lost and take action to reduce its effect upon water consumption.


We believe that water efficiency is about educating everyone so that they can make wise water choices and turn their bad water habits into good ones. We carry out a range of education programs to help adults and children alike to become more aware of the water they use in and around the home.

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