Water saving tips

Water is a very precious resource.

Water saving tips

In the north east we are fortunate to have a plentiful supply of water and it can be difficult to understand why it is important to be careful with the water we use and to try to avoid waste

We actively work with domestic and commercial customers to promote the efficient use of water. In doing so, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint, help to protect the environment and help you save money. We all have bad habits when it comes to using water, but by making small changes we can make a big difference.  

′Bad habits cost the earth′ is our water efficiency campaign which aims to promote good water habits. By changing bad water habits to good ones, not only are you saving water, but the energy used to treat it will also be saved. Every drop of water we use is treated twice; once before it comes out the tap and once before it is returned to the environment, this means that there is a considerable amount of energy that can be saved by simply reducing your water consumption.

By making the small changes below to your daily routine you can save the following amount of water everyday!

Change of habit

Saving per property per day

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth 30.7 litres
Shower rather than bathe 25 litres
Use a bowl when hand washing dishes 17.5 litres
Take shorter showers 17 litres
Use a basin when personal washing 11.8 litres
Repair dripping taps 8.9 litres
Use full loads in washing machines 8.3 litres
Use a bowl when washing food 6.5 litres
Use water resourcefully in the garden 2 litres
Use full loads in dishwashers 3.8 litres

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