Water saving products

Reduce the amount of water and energy you use.

Water saving products

Water saving products are available for in your home and garden to help you reduce the amount of water and energy you use, saving money and carbon.

Free water saving kit

The water saving kit provides you with a variety of water saving devices that will help reduce your utility bills and help you to reduce your water consumption by as much as 95 litres per day.

Water butt

Collecting rainwater in a water butt to use on your garden can save litres of treated tap water, helping you lower your water bills if you have a water meter.

Order a water saving kit

Water saving kit  

Order a free water saving kit. Order online

Order a water butt online

Order a water butt  

We have teamed up with SaveWaterSaveMoney to offer customers a wide choice of water butts and water saving products at bargain prices! Order now

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