Water saving tips

Water is a very precious resource.

Outside your home

By making small changes outside your home, you can make a big difference and reduce the amount of water you use.


Water your plants with a watering can in the early morning or evening when its cooler, this will minimise the amount of water which is lost through evaporation. When watering soak the base of the plant to ensure that the water reaches the plant’s roots.

Containers and pots

Mix fine textured compost and water retaining crystals to retain the largest amount of water possible. Ceramic or metal pots are less porous than terracotta, although by lining their base with polythene it will help prevent water draining straight through.


Don’t over water your lawn; it encourages surface rooting rather than deep roots. This makes your lawn more likely to suffer drought damage. When cutting your lawn leave the clippings on the lawn as these will provide mulch.


Sprinklers use a considerable quantity of water; make sure that they are only used when they are required, with the water focused where it is most needed. If you do use a sprinkler system you must be on a water meter.


Don’t let your hosepipe run unnecessarily; by fitting a trigger hose gun it will allow you to turn the water on and off easily

Water butts

Approximately 90,000 litres of water falls onto a typical roof in any one year, that’s enough to fill 473 water butts. Capture some of this water by placing a water butt by sheds, greenhouses, and conservatories. Not only will this provide you will a source of water without having to tap into your home’s supply, rainwater is better for your plants.

Water butts are available to Northumbrian Water customers at a discounted rate and are available to order online.

Ponds and swimming pools

Make sure that your ponds and pools are free of leaks as topping them up regularly can use a great deal of water. Covering your pools and ponds can help reduce the water lost through evaporation in the summer. Pools should be covered up with plastic covers and ponds should have floating plants covering one half to two thirds of the waters surface.

If you have an automatic replenishing swimming pool or pond that’s greater than 10,000 litres you have to be on a water meter.

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