Living Water

Our plan 2020-25

Our plan 2020-25

Welcome to our plan for delivering services from 2020-25, developed with help from our customers.

Our plan sets out our ambition to deliver world class services and explains how we′ll do this.

Visit our business plan website to find out more about what our plan means for you and your community.

Supporting Documents

Business Plan Appendices

1.1 Glossary of the acronyms
1.2 Published documents
2.1 Our approach to triangulation
2.2 Customer engagement executive summaries
2.3 PR19 research tool
2.4 PR19 Acceptability Engagement
2.5 Our Plan 2020-2025
Essex & Suffolk Water and Northumbrian Water
2.6 Long Term Water Quality plan
3.1 Extraordinary Leadership Programme
3.2 Enhancement business cases
3.3 Our approach to void properties and gap sites
3.4 Resilience Framework Independent Assessment
3.5 Workforce 2020-25 Strategy
3.6 Resilience Assessment Final Report Too critical to fail sites
3.7 DWMP Implementation Plan
3.8 Digital Vision 2020-25
3.9 WINEP Cost Adjustment Mechanism
4.1 Bespoke Definition Resubmission
4.2 Performance Commitments Evaluation
4.3 Data Table Submission Commentary
5.1 Separate Price Controls Analysis
5.2 Review of Bioresources RCV allocation – Economic Insight, April 2018
5.3 Review of Water Resources RCV allocation – Economic Insight, May 2018
6.1 Bid Assessment Framework
6.2 Bioresources Strategy
7.1  PR19 Wholesale Real Price Effects Analysis and Evidence   
7.2 PR19 Retail household IPP analysis and evidence
7.3 VOA Alteration Impact Report _WS7
7.4 Uniform Business Rates Revaluation 2017 – Northumbrian Water - Letter to D Alborough WS7
8.1 Our approach to taxation
8.2 Stress Test Evidence
10.1 Data Assurance Reports


Financial Model (Notional Gearing)
Financial Model (Actual Gearing)
Financial Model Commentary
NES RCV adjustments feeder model
NES Residential retail PR14 reconciliation
NES Revenue adjustments feeder model
NES Totex menu PR14 Reconciliation
NES Water trading incentive model
NES WRFIM PR14 reconciliation
Bill Waterfall Model - links
Bill Waterfall Model - no links

Living Water - Our plan 2020-25 and beyond

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We′ve created a website where you can find key details about our plan and what it means for you. Find out more

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