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Latest Press Releases

  1. 17.04.2018

    Innovation Festival 2018

    IF18: Global innovators gather in the region to help change the world

    Some of the world’s leading businesses and most innovative minds will gather together again to tackle major social and environmental challenges at the Northumbrian Water Group’s Innovation Festival 2018.

  2. 13.04.2018

    Dwaine Pipe

    Marketing award recognises pulling the plug on bad toilet habits

    Northumbrian Water′s blockage reduction campaign and its mascot ‘Dwaine Pipe′ has achieved national recognition at one of the UK′s most prestigious marketing awards.

  3. 05.04.2018

    Milestone achieved in North Tyneside flood reduction scheme

    A river has been diverted to help tackle flooding in North Tyneside.

  4. 05.04.2018

    Northumbrian Water goes 100% renewable following green electricity deal

    Northumbrian Water is to power all 1,858 of its sites using renewable electricity for the next four years.

  5. 03.04.2018

    Environmental project grants up for grabs

    Northumbrian Water′s Branch Out scheme, which offers grants of up to £25,000 to projects which benefit the natural environment, wildlife and local communities, is inviting new applications for funding.


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  • Innovation Festival 2018...coming to the north east this summer!

    DescriptionInnovation Festival 2018...coming to the north east this summer!

  • We're recruiting for an Application Developer

    Northumbrian Water is looking for an Application Developer to join its Information Services team. Here, Team Leader David Halliday talks about the role. To find out more and apply, visit:

  • Cape Town Challenge: Northumbrian Water Directors target 50 litres a day

    A team of company directors are attempting to live on just 50 litres of water a day, which is around a third of what the average person in the UK uses, as part of a unique challenge taking place during Water Saving Week (19-23 March). The directors of Northumbrian Water have all agreed to take part in the ′Cape Town Experience′, which means they can use no more than 50 litres of water each day. This is the same amount of water that residents in Cape Town have been reduced to, where the water crisis is so severe that the city faces the possibility of running out of water completely. ′Day Zero′ for Cape Town is currently 27 August 2018, which is when the city will have to turn off water supplies due to the severe shortage. However this could come sooner if residents don′t restrict their usage to 50 litres per day. Taking on the Cape Town Experience means that the directors will have just 50 litres of water to use each day for showering, drinking, cooking, cleaning washing clothes and even flushing the toilet. With the average person in the UK using 140 litres of water a day, this means really having to think about the water they use. The directors will each be tasked with looking at their current water use and deciding carefully where their 50 litres will go each day. They will provide regular updates on their progress throughout Water Saving Week. You can calculate your own daily water use and decide what you would do if you only had 50 litres per day here -

  • England's first Moss Tree: what it is and how it works

    Northumbrian Water's Clive Surman-Wells talks about England's first Moss Tree. What is it? How does it work?

  • England's first Moss Tree set to tackle pollution in Newcastle

    England’s first pollution-busting “moss tree” has been installed in Newcastle, where it will purify air in the city centre and create opportunities for research into the benefits of the plants’ natural filtering abilities. Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) has been working on the plans since July 2017, when it held its first ever NWG Innovation Festival, working with a range of partners to identify ways it can tackle a wide range of social and environmental problems. The company reached an agreement with Newcastle City Council to site the tree at the Haymarket, close to the city’s bus interchange and busy main roads. The moss cultures involved in the “tree” have the ability to filter certain pollutants, by binding them to the leaf surface and then integrating them permanently into their own biomass. This makes them ideal air purifiers. The moss is built into the “Moss Tree” structure, which provides the water – largely harvested from the rain – and the shade the moss needs to survive, creating an intelligent combination of technology and nature. The results achieved will be made available for universities and other bodies on an ongoing basis, to feed into their own research on tackling pollution. Built-in sensors will gather information on pollution including Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide, as well as monitoring air humidity, temperature and rainfall. The NWG Innovation Festival involved Northumbrian Water working with 140 partner organisations, including headline sponsors IBM, Microsoft, Ordnance Survey, BT, CGI Group and Reece Innovation. More than 1,000 people took part during the course of the week-long event. Among the issues tackled in special “sprints” was the subject of how businesses can improve the environment in the North East, with Northumbrian Water working alongside Ordnance Survey to explore the subject. The moss tree was one of the leading ideas to come out of that week.

  • External Communications job vacancy: what we love about the job

    We are recruiting in our External Communications team, which is part of the Corporate Communications department. In this video, members of the team talk about what they enjoy in the job. You can find full details of the job at

  • Innovation Festival 2018 is coming...

    No one innovates like we do here in the North East and to prove it we're holding a WHOLE festival dedicated to it! #IF18

  • Keeping the water flowing - pics from around our snow filled regions

    Keeping the water flowing - pics from around our snow filled regions Here is a compilation of some of the pics send in from our teams working out and about over the last few days in the heavy snow courtesy of the #beastfromtheeast.

  • How to locate and use your internal stop tap

    Advice on finding and using your internal stop tap. To find out how to reduce the chances of your pipes freezing, and for advice on what to do if they do freeze, check out the website:

  • What Innovation Means To Me: John Russell (Ofwat) and Melanie Laws (Water Forums)

    During Ofwat's #SparkInnovation month (February 2018), Ofwat's John Russell and Melanie Law, from our Water Forums, joined our Customer Heroes for a day on Flo (our customer hub). They also took the time to explain what innovation means to them.

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