Water safety

Water safety

Being in and around water is great fun, but water can be very dangerous. Have fun, but always keep safe. There are dangers that can kill in lakes, reservoirs, river, canals, ponds and the sea. Here are a few things you should remember.


• Take notice of any safety advice or warning signs, such as, no swimming signs, a red flag or danger deep water signs.

• Always accompany children. Stay close to your group and stay in sight at all times.

• Never go near water if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs – this is the number one cause of water-related deaths.

• Stay clear of strong currents, weirs, rapids and reservoir edges.

• Watch out for slippery banks, soft sand and rocks.

• Don’t jump or dive in – you don’t know how deep it is going to be.

• Wear something on your feet. There may be sharp rocks, rubbish or broken glass under the water.

• Messing around can be dangerous - don’t splash water at other people or push them over.

• Never go deeper than welly height when playing in rivers as the strong current can easily knock you over.

• Cover any cuts and scratches with water proof plasters. Weil’s Disease can be caught from rat urine.

• Learn to swim - it could save your life.

Learning to swim could save your life and swimming pools are the safest places to swim. Water is fun and if you are sensible and follow the water safety rules, you can have a brilliant time with your family and friends.

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    Stay safe

    Be aware of hidden dangers around water.


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    Stay safe

    Be aware of hidden dangers around icy water.


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    Stay safe

    Keep clear of the weir at Riding Mill.


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