Supporting developing communities through WaterAid

Supporting developing communities through WaterAid

WaterAid is an international charity, founded by the UK water industry in 1981.

WaterAid is working to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030. Together, these basic human rights underpin health, education and livelihoods, forming the first essential step in overcoming poverty.

With teams working in 37 countries across Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific region and Europe, WaterAid works with local partners to reach the poorest and most marginalised people with sustainable services, and calls on governments to provide these solutions for everyone everywhere.

Northumbrian Water has continued to raise funds and awareness since helping establish WaterAid in 1981. Last year alone Northumbrian Water Group raised an incredible £284,011 for WaterAid.

In 2015, Northumbrian Water launched a new five-year partnership with WaterAid aiming to raise £1 million to support the delivery of clean water and safe toilets to some of Madagascar’s poorest communities. In doing so, Northumbrian Water will be helping to bring clean water and sanitation to over 70,000 people.

To find out more about WaterAid’s work why not watch the video below. In November 2014, Janine Scott from Northumbrian Water visited Uganda on a WaterAid fact-finding Mission with 13 other WaterAid supporters from water companies across the UK.

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    WaterAid′s vision is of a world where everyone everywhere has safe water, toilets and hygiene. We work with partners in the world′s poorest and hardest to reach communities, helping them build low-cost, long-term solutions suited to people′s needs.




With your help, WaterAid transforms lives by improving access to safe water and sanitation. Find out more

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