Work with water

Shaping the future

Shaping the future

Our vision is ‘to be the national leader in the provision of sustainable water and wastewater services’.

To do this we continually strive to find and develop innovative procedures. The ′Downloadable content′ PDFs below should provide you with a snap shot of some of our work.

Northumbrian Water Group also enjoys an award-winning* and innovative partnership with Newcastle University. From student projects to world-leading, at-scale research, you can read about some of the fantastic things we are working on together in these PDFs below.

*Business/Industry Collaboration of the Year, Educate North Awards 2017.

Newcastle University downloads

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    Biological Engineering: Wastewater Innovation at Scale

    At BE:WISE Newcastle University and Northumbrian Water Group are transforming wastewater treatment systems at scale.


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    Blue-Green Cities

    Demonstrating the multiple benefits of blue-green infrastructure.


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    A local partnership for global innovation

    Newcastle University and Northumbrian Water Group have an award-winning relationship. From student projects to world leading, at-scale research, the relationship supports the interest and ambitions of both organisations.


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    National Green Infrastructure Facility

    Pioneering integrated solutions for water infrastructure.


Downloadable content

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    Bright sparks using the power of poo!

    Northumbrian Water is the award-winning national industry leader for generating green power from what comes naturally from all of us.


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    Developing the clean fuel of the future

    A successful small trial of a hydrogen Microbial Electrolysis cell (MEC) reactor at a waste water treatment works on Tyneside has lead Northumbrian Water to try to scale up this form of energy production to fully assess its viability.


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    DNA fingerprinting of sewage bugs

    New methods of identifying and understanding micro biology are being studied to shed light on sources of bacterial pollution and improve treatment processes.


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    Sustainable ′building and burning′ for the future

    Thousands of tonnes of sludge remain every year after water has been treated to top quality to drink from the tap.


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    Super cool cleaning for top quality tap water

    Northumbrian Water is leading the UK water industry by using innovative cleaning methods as part of a multi-million pound investment programme known as The Main Event.


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    Reed bed solution is a world first

    A massive reed bed is breaking new ground in sustainable drinking water treatment in Essex.


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    Illuminating dark sky science

    The award-winning Kielder Water & Forest Park in Northumberland has the darkest starry skies in England.


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    Sound camera sense

    NWSS (Northumbrian Water Scientific Services) pride themselves on being innovative and are always actively looking for ways to move forward, a demonstration of this is the purchase of a new acoustic camera.


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