Water is amazing we use it everyday of our lives and find it every where. We hope that through the activities you find in this section you will discover just how incredible and vital for life water is. We will be adding more activities and information over the months so keep coming back to discover more.


water for health activities water efficiency dwaine pipe water safety

Play the Dwaine Pipe game

Dwaine Dash  

Now you can learn about the things that should and shouldn’t go down the loo and sink by playing my exciting new game. Find out more

Every drop counts


Play the ′Every Drop Counts′ game to see how water efficient you are! Find out more

Water efficiency

Super Splash Hero  

Water is very precious resource. It’s important for the environment and it helps to keep us healthy. If you’d like to learn more about other ways you can save water, we know just the kids who can help! Find out more

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