Climate change

Climate change

The changing weather and atmosphere around the world from climate change creates problems for the water industry.

Supplying water to people’s homes and taking it away again can be affected by changes in the water cycle and weather – we need to adapt to any changes.

Our research shows that our biggest challenge will be rain falling more quickly. We’re preparing for this challenge by investing in a weather radar, remote monitoring of the sewer network and working with others in the industry. This will help us to understand and manage the problem.

We’re preparing for the possibility of drier summers by increasing the size of Abberton reservoir, which will play a big part in protecting water supply in our Essex operating area. Kielder Water is the largest manmade reservoir in northern Europe and this protects the northeast region’s supply of water.

Climate change is the change in global weather patterns, caused by the use of fossil fuels. Fossil formed from the remains of dead plants and animals, primarily coal, oil and gas. Burning these creates energy – and in turn causes global warming.

Shaping the future

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To do this we continually strive to find and develop innovative procedures - information provided displays a snap shot of some of our work. Find out more

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