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You will find plenty here that is both informative and fun.


Welcome to our teacher resources section. You will find plenty here that is both informative and fun.

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The water cycle

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    Water cycle

    Colouring poster.


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    Water cycle

    Coloured poster with icons.


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    Water cycle

    Coloured poster.


Fact sheets

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    Water treatment

    We clean water to take the colour and dirt out of it and also to remove germs.


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    Sewage treatment

    Once we have used water we either pull the plug from the sink, flush the toilet or pour it down the drain where it enters the sewerage system.


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    Water for health

    Northumbrian Water provides you with high quality drinking water, supplied to your home every day. Drinking more water could help to improve your health and fitness.


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    Water is precious

    Water is vital for all life on this planet. It is a precious resource that is essential for the environment and the health of us all.


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    Water cycle

    Water is a constant traveller around the planet.


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    Water is a vital resource. Without it people cannot survive. For over 5,000 years, people have built reservoirs to provide them with the water they need to live.


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    Water safety

    Water is all around us and can be great to play in or be around. However it can also be very dangerous and we must be careful to keep ourselves safe whenever we are near it.


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