Nature Watch

Your Nature Watch project

Nature Watch

We’re delighted to share with you details of our Nature Watch project.

Together we aim to increase biodiversity, protect the habitats of our precious species and give children the opportunity to learn all about the natural environment.

We’ve created four activities for you to complete with your students which we hope you’ll all enjoy as well as giving your pupils the chance to get outside and learn about the wildlife, ecosystems and habitats in their local area. You’ll also find a wildlife survey for your students to capture how many different species they see hanging around outside.

To start, here’s three videos for you to share with your pupils.

Downloadable content

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    Nature Watch - poster

    Join in the hunt and let′s go nuts for nature.


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    Teacher guide

    A handy support guide detailing each of the activities and tasks, giving you information about how they each fit with the KS2 curriculum and some suggested extension activities too.


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    Activity 1 - Life cycle of a butterfly

    In this activity you’ll focus on researching the life cycle of a butterfly and display this using the pictures provided. Students will then choose a butterfly and take a more detailed look at its colours and markings.


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    Activity 2 – Considering conservation

    In groups or as a whole class you’ll discuss ‘conservation’. Why is it important and what factors threaten the environment and biodiversity of the UK? Pupils will then focus on four habitats to identify the features and animals found in each.


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    Activity 3 – Habitat project

    Pupils will design a habitat for a chosen animal. They’ll need to think about its shelter and the things it might need to eat and survive.


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    Activity 4 – Birds of Britain

    You’ll start this activity outside taking a look at how many different types of birds you can spot. Students will then complete the food chain of a blue tit and think about how they can increase the number of birds in their gardens.


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    School survey

    Please download the form to record all the wildlife you see around you. You can either do this on your own or as a group, just let us know who you’re keeping watch with.


Extra help

If you need any support completing the activities please contact Jenny Abel, Corporate Affairs Executive on 01268 649 111 or at

Send us your findings

Once you’ve completed the activities please send a selection of them to us at; Northumbrian Water, Internal Communications, Boldon House, Wheatlands Way, Pity Me, Durham, DH1 5FA or via email;

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