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H2O Gang

Water is an essential ingredient for a healthy life. Drinking water is good for you, so it makes sense that we actively encourage our customers to drink the recommended eight glasses of tap water a day to be healthy and to stay healthy.

After all, our customers enjoy drinking water that is amongst the highest quality in the country, it is tested and purified 97 times before it arrives at your tap.

It is good value too, with about 50 glasses of crystal clear, refreshing drinking water from your tap for about a penny.

Drinking enough water helps our bodies to work better. It combats dehydration, which can lead to tiredness, headaches and lack of concentration. It also prevents a wide range of health problems from kidney stones, heart disease, breast, bowel and prostrate cancer to trips and falls in the elderly. It also makes you look better by toning up your skin and giving it vibrancy and colour.

Our water for health campaign is tailored to meet the needs of specific customer groups. ′Growing things need watering′ focuses on the family. ′Water for the young at heart′ explains to our more mature customers how water can prevent illnesses. Whilst ′Chill out′ looks at water provision in schools and businesses to help concentration and keep people mentally alert.

To help us reach our younger customers we have developed the ′H2O Gang′ who will help them to understand just how precious water is for life, for their health and for the environment. Download the ′H2O Gang′ comics below, and also download some ′H2O Gang′ super water facts.

Are you fit for life?

The latest in the H20 Gang comic series, is the first edition to be turned into an exciting cartoon adventure.  The animation has been produced in sign language with English audio, to be accessible for both deaf and hearing children.  Join the H20 gang as they sign up to Change4Life, to educate young people about eating well, moving more and living longer.

Downloadable content

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    Meet the H2O Gang

    Find out who the ′H2O Gang′ are and find out some ′super′ water facts!


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    Comic 1

    ′Amazing first issue!!′


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    Comic 2

    ′Super second issue!!′ - ′Splashdown!!′


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    Comic 3

    ′Thrilling third issue!!′ - ′Fantastic Voyage!!′


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    Comic 4

    ′Hysterical historical issue!!′ - ′Time Travel Trauma!!′


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    Comic 5

    ′Frantic fifth issue!!′ - ′Beware the water waster!!′


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    Comic 6

    ′Healthy sixth issue!!′ - ′Are you fit for life?′


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    Comic 7

    ′Sensational seventh issue′ - ′Stranger danger!′


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    Karl - mask

    Download your favourite superhero mask.


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    Kelly - mask

    Download your favourite superhero mask below.


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    Bethany - mask


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    Jermaine - mask

    Download your favourite superhero mask below.


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    Splash - mask

    Download your favourite superhero mask below.


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    Dr Dry - mask

    Download your favourite superhero mask below.


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    Drip - mask

    Download your favourite superhero mask below.


Water made clearer

H20 Gang  

Watch as the H2O Gang take you on an adventure in the sky, through your mouth and in our rivers. Find out more

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