Dwaine Pipe

Dwaine Pipe

Hello, my name is Dwaine Pipe. I’m here to help you learn what can go down your toilet and sink and what should go in the bin.

Did you know that only toilet paper, pee and poo should go down the loo?

Sometimes people put things down their loo which block me up and make me very poorly, things like cotton buds, wipes, nappies and cotton wool.

People also pour fat or grease down the sink after cooking without realising it can block me up. It’s not very nice when I get poorly, it can be very unpleasant and stinky.

It can even cost grown ups a lot of money. 

I like to feel happy and healthy and you can help me by following my top tips below:

Only toilet paper, pee and poo go down the loo; pop nappies, cotton buds, cotton wool, wipes and other bathroom waste into a bin.

• Scrape your plates into a bin before rinsing them, grease and fats can also make me poorly so pop any food scraps or leftovers into a bin instead of down the sink.

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    Dwaine Pipe in Down the loo or in the bin?

    By Simon Andrew Tuck - Illustrated by Alan Brown.


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    Dwaine Pipe in Would you like to eat that?

    By Simon Andrew Tuck - Illustrated by Alan Brown.


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