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We have twenty two reservoirs ranging in size from the largest man-made reservoir in north-west Europe, Kielder Water, to the smallest ones like Hisehope and Smiddy Shaw located on Muggleswick Common in County Durham

Some of our reservoirs form an important component of rare habitats like the upland limestone around Cow Green, home to a rare snail and amazing plants like the Spring Gentian and Teesdale Violet. Due to improvements in our treatment processes and distribution systems there are a number of sites that are no longer in active use – such as Tunstall, Scaling Dam and Lockwood Beck. These sites are however still retained and managed for recreational and wildlife interests.

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    Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) policy statement

    At Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) it is our aspiration and ethical responsibility to make sure that everyone goes home safe everyday. Looking after our people, supply partners, suppliers, customers, communities and the environment is part of who we are and is reflected in what we think, feel, say and do.


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    Leading Asset Management

    Our policy - 2018.


Walks and wildlife on our sites

walks around Kielder Water  

Where to go walking and watch wildlife. Find out more

Sustainable sewerage

Sustainable sewerage  

The latest news on our major study exploring sustainable sewerage options in the Tyneside area. Find out more

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