Every Customer Counts

Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts

Growing families, climate change, that prize winning garden, cleaning the car, brushing your teeth, exercising, thirst quenching – we’re using more and more water; a precious resource. There are lots of ways in which we can help you save water, save energy and save money.

Each of us manages to get through a staggering 4,500 litres of water a month – that’s the equivalent of 56 baths! This means a lot of water needs to be taken from the local environment and treated to get it to your tap. When anyone chooses to use less water, it reduces the amount of water needed and energy required to treat and pump water to homes and businesses.

Live in Ashington? Interested in saving water?

We can offer and fit a free range of water saving products in your home from shower heads to tap devices to items for your garden. We’ll also repair leaking toilets where possible and share hints and tips. Click here┬áto sign up for your free water and energy saving visit, worth £130.

Don’t live in Ashington? You can still do your bit to save water, energy and money, find out more here.

Did you also know that a leaking toilet could be costing you money and wasting water? We can fix it for free.

A leaking toilet is one of the most common causes of unexpected high water use and the resulting high water bills.

They can be hard to see as the water often runs from the toilet cistern into the back of the pan. The sound of a constant trickle is an obvious sign but some leaks are silent and easy to miss.

A leaking toilet could be wasting on average 215 litres of water a day. If you have a water meter and this is left undetected, it could add an extra £200 on to your water bill each year.

You can request a free test kit so you can check your toilet for a leak. Complete our short form here to request a free pack and we will post it to you within four working days.

The pack contains a special dye tablet to put into your toilet cistern. This easy to use test will show if you have a leak.

What to do if you have a leaking toilet

We will repair your leaking toilet for free*

Contact us on 0800 953 0130 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm) to arrange for one of our qualified technicians to repair your toilet.

*In some circumstances it may not be possible to repair the toilet. When this occurs the technician will provide you with advice on what needs to be done. This service is free for all Northumbrian Water customers

Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts Ashington  

We’ve chosen to bring Every Drop Counts to you because we know that your community is passionate about living sustainably through saving energy, recycling and growing, and we want to help you. Find out more

Order a free Leaky Loo test kit


You can request a free test kit so you can check your toilet for a leak. Complete our short form to request a free pack and we will post it to you within 4 working days. Find out more


tap water  

We all need water. To reach our taps, water has to be taken from the natural environment, highly treated, delivered to the places where we want to use it, and cleaned again afterwards. Find out more


Kielder Water & Forest Park  

Your adventure starts here within the award winning Kielder Water & Forest Park. Find out more

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