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As part of our commitment to conserve and enhance biodiversity, each year we choose a particular aspect of biodiversity to focus on for our Nature Focus initiative.

This is rotated yearly and is based on a theme that incorporates species, habitats and work with our partner organisations. Once the Nature Focus has been decided on, a work program for the year is drawn up, and local groups identified to work with to help us promote and raise awareness of biodiversity.

2016 will see our focus move to raising awareness about the threats posed by invasive non-native species which will link into Invasive Species Week in early March. And this year we will also focus on the value of species rich grasslands including their role in supporting pollinators and what we can do as a company to safeguard these valuable grasslands.

More information on Nature Focus is available by clicking on this link.

Burnhope Reservoir Woodland Management - March 2016

We’ve now completed our felling programme at Burnhope Reservoir and the emphasis has shifted to re-planting the felled areas with native broadleaved woodland. The northern side of the reservoir has now been fully re-planted and the first compartment on the south side was completed in 2015. Further phases of re-planting will take place over the next two years with thousands of native trees and shrubs.

As the clearfell work has ended we’ve also been able to convert the southern forest extraction track into a permissive footpath to form part of a circular route around the reservoir. This surfaced path is available for walkers, including dog walkers only as it was not possible to accommodate cyclists or horseriders. We hope you enjoy the completed footpath and developing native woodland!

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