Branch Out fund

Building resilience in the region′s natural environment.

Branch Out

Branch Out works in partnership to reconnect habitats for the benefit of people and wildlife. It encompasses a number of projects with the aim of helping this region build resilience and adapt to the changing climate whilst bringing benefits to water, wildlife and communities.

Application deadline 31 August 2019

The Branch Out fund helps to deliver projects that benefit the natural environment and their local communities. If you or your organisation are involved in a project that meets the aims of Branch Out (see guidance notes below), then the fund might be able to help you.

We welcome applications for grants, for anywhere between £1 - £25,000. If your project needs people to help you, our employees may be able to get involved via our employee volunteering programme.

Downloadable content

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    Branch Out fund



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    Branch Out fund

    Application guidelines and supporting information.


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    Branch Out fund

    Application form - PDF document.


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    Branch Out fund application form - editable PDF

    Download the application form - as an editable PDF.


Branch Out

If your project needs help email

Submitting your application

Applications will be reviewed on a biannual basis. For applications received between 1 March 2019 and 31 August 2019 a decision will be provided by 30 September 2019.

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