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Our consultation responses

Our consultation responses

From time to time, we are invited to provide our views to consultations that involve the water industry.

We welcome these opportunities and below are some of the consultations we have responded to which are available for you to download.

We have also produced a discussion document outlining a potential risk based approach to setting the baseline for base capital maintenance, which can also be downloaded below.

Downloadable content

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    Future Price Limits – a preliminary model - Response date: 28 June 2011


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    Discussion papers: The form of Price Control etc. - Response date: 4 February 2011


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    Resilient supplies – how do we ensure secure water and sewerage services? - Response date: 4 February 2011


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    Involving customers in the price setting process - Response date: 22 December 2010


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    How can we make monopoly water and sewerage companies more accountable? - Response date: 22 December 2010


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