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Our promises to you

We make a number of promises, or commitments, to our customers. The main ones are that we will provide a reliable and sufficient supply of clean, clear drinking water that tastes good, and we will provide an effective sewerage service. We also promise to deliver certain things in areas such as the environment, customer service, communities and our people.

Our customers and stakeholders tell us they want to know how we are doing against these commitments so it’s really important that we measure and record them accurately, and make the information available and clear to those who are interested.

Final Assurance Plan

We’re working hard to make sure we provide you with the right information you need and want. This is our Final Assurance Plan. It outlines how we plan to assure (check) that we’re on the right track with the things we have committed to do for you.

In November 2017, we published our draft Assurance Plan on our websites and emailed it out to around 150,000 customers and stakeholders, whose contact details we had, to see what they thought.

More than 4,000 of our customers responded and gave us some great feedback that we have used to shape our final Assurance Plan for 2018. Click below to read the full version or the shorter summary.

In 2017 we were delighted to announce that we achieved self-assurance from Ofwat, our regulator. It is the highest level of assurance we could receive – we are one of only three water companies that achieved self-assurance. This lets us know that Ofwat and our customers have a very high level of trust and confidence in our governance and assurance arrangements.

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    Our Assurance Plan 2018/19

    March 2018.


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    Our Final Assurance Plan 2018/19

    Shaped by you.


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