A reliable sewerage system helps to keep our community clean and healthy.

Our developer services team can help you to get connected to our network, as well as disconnecting, adopting or diverting sewers where needed.

About our sewerage services
Connecting to our sewers

We'll help you get connected to our network, whether you use a new or existing sewer to service your development.

Sewer diversions

If your development is restricted by the location of one of our sewers, you can apply for a diversion.

Building over or near a sewer

With thousands of kilometres of sewers under the ground, developers need to make sure they're not building over or too close to a public sewer, even if they're on private land.


We're happy to say many of our service applications can now be done online. Right now, our 'building over' forms must still be completed with the PDF download, but we're working to bring these forms online soon. 


Click here for our building over form and guidance.

Sewer adoption

You can apply to us to adopt a new or existing sewer into our network. If we adopt the sewers, we will be responsible for their maintenance and operation.

Abandoning sewers

In some circumstances, it is possible to close a public sewer so it can be abandoned. 


Abandonment can remove restrictions from future developments on the site, and make site remediation works easier.


In order to close part of a sewer, we need to be absolutely sure the sewer length is no longer in use.

Sewer requisitions

If your site doesn't drain into an existing public sewer, due to third party land, we can provide a public sewer for draining domestic flows if 'requisitioned' to do so.


Developers will be required to fund the cost of the work.


We strongly recommend that developers negotiate access across third party land. The applicant must exhaust all negotiations with landowners before applying for a sewer requisition.


Requisitioning is not a quick option. In our experience, requisitioners should allow at least ten to twelve months from the submission of the S98 application form to the start of construction.

Innovative products for new sewers

New products are being regularly introduced to the construction industry to provide:

  • health and safety
  • environmental
  • cost, and
  • programme benefits

for developers and contractors.


Product approval or acceptance is usually needed if developers or contractors plan to use them on development sites where the sewers are offered for adoption.


You can download our innovative product guidance and product sheet from our applications page here.

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