Our Plan 2020-2025

We are in the final stages of developing our business plan for 2020-2025, which we will submit to our regulator, Ofwat in early September.

Based on conversations with more than 400,000 of our household and wholesale (business) customers, we have developed proposals to make improvements to the services customers will receive between 2020 and 2025, and reduce the risk of more serious problems happening in the future. This plan is built on what customers have already said is important to them, and will be delivered for a 10% lower charge than they pay today.

You can see further information on the plan below. We would be extremely grateful if, on this basis of this information, you could tell us if you accept our plan by completing this short survey.


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    Our Plan



Our survey

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This is your opportunity to tell us, on behalf of the organisation, people or interests that you represent, if you think our plan is acceptable. Find out more

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