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News releases Kielder Water & Forest Park

News releases Kielder Water & Forest Park

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  1. 26.06.2018

    Calvert Pavilion

    University and Trust partnership unveils new pavilion

    Visitors to Kielder Water & Forest Park can now enjoy relaxing from a newly developed pavilion while watching adventure activities run by Calvert Trust Kielder.

  2. 04.06.2018

    Kielder Osprey hatchings bring new life to the species′ recolonisation story

    New life is breaking through in Northumberland with the year′s first new Kielder ospreys having hatched.

  3. 03.04.2018

    They′re on their way - keep your eyes to the skies for the Kielder Ospreys

    Over the Easter period visitors to Kielder Water & Forest Park are being urged to once again train their eyes on the skies for the return of the Kielder Ospreys.

  4. 07.03.2018


    Volunteer for a wonderful osprey experience this summer

    Northumberland Wildlife Trust is seeking volunteers to help with the Kielder Osprey Watch project, at Northumbrian Water’s Kielder Waterside this summer.

  5. 29.11.2017

    New Activities Attract Thousands Of Visitors To Kielder

    Thousands of visitors enjoyed the beauty of Kielder Water & Forest Park in 2017 thanks to new events that will become annual attractions.

  6. 05.09.2017

    Final 2017 summer tours at Kielder Art & Architecture

    Visitors to Kielder Water & Forest Park have two opportunities remaining to enjoy special guided tours of the area’s Art & Architecture installations.

  7. 04.08.2017

    Curator-led summer tours for Kielder Art & Architecture

    Visitors to Kielder Water & Forest Park in August can enjoy two special tours of the area’s Art & Architecture installations led by the collection’s curator, Peter Sharpe.

  8. 21.07.2017

    Steven Hughes (HLF) cutting ribbon at Bakethin Hide launch

    New nature hide launched in Kielder

    Members of the public can now enjoy watching wildlife from a brand new nature hide at Kielder Water & Forest Park.

  9. 09.06.2017

    chirpy dozen

    Chirpy dozen heralds another record breaking season for the Kielder ospreys

    The arrival of a dozen chicks has made 2017 another record breaking year for the Kielder ospreys.

  10. 26.05.2017


    High tech treasure hunting comes to Kielder

    The natural world and new technology are coming together to help people explore Kielder Water & Forest Park and learn about wildlife and habitats.

  11. 18.05.2017

    2017 summer tours launched for Kielder Art & Architecture

    Visitors to Kielder Water & Forest Park can enjoy special guided tours of the area’s Art & Architecture installations when they launch later this month.

  12. 15.03.2017

    Incoming! Eyes to the skies for the return of the Kielder ospreys

    Nature lovers are being urged to turn their eyes to the skies to watch for the return of some of Northumberland’s most popular visitors.

  13. 21.02.2017

    Simone Price

    County Durham mother makes Kielder Marathon her post surgery goal

    Three years after a brain operation that saved her from possible paralysis, determined County Durham mother Simone Price is preparing to take on her first marathon.

  14. 31.01.2017

    ′Big impact′ of ′diminuitive′ Northumberland Roundhouse development highly commended

    The “big impact” of Northumberland’s “diminutive Rochester Roundhouse” has been praised by leading British architects.

  15. 19.01.2017

    Arts Council England grant helps sculpt a cultural future for Kielder

    A new project to expand the way art and architecture inspires visitors to Northumberland’s Kielder Water & Forest Park has received a major boost from Arts Council England’s National Lottery-funded Grants for the Arts programme.

  16. 16.01.2017

    Roundhouse development

    Architects recognise Northumberland Roundhouse development with prestigious shortlisting

    A dilapidated Brigantium roundhouse site in Northumberland that was transformed into a centre for village activities has been shortlisted for a major architecture award.

  17. 12.12.2016

    Northumberland National Park Authority joins partnership at Kielder

    Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust has welcomed Northumberland National Park Authority as its newest member.

  18. 22.09.2016

    £330K boost will enhance Kielder visitor experience for wildlife fans

    Opportunities for visitors to live the wild life at Kielder Water & Forest Park will be created with the support of new funding of more than £330,000 made possible by National Lottery players.

  19. 08.09.2016

    23 x 26 x 7 = A marathon achievement

    By the time the 2016 Active Northumberland Kielder Marathon comes to a close, an intrepid group of runners will have clocked up more than 4,218 miles on Britain’s most beautiful marathon route.

  20. 08.08.2016

    Rochester Roundhouse

    Created in partnership with the world - Rochester Roundhouse

    The transformation of a dilapidated Brigantium roundhouse site in Northumberland into a star attraction and centre for village activities has been unveiled to the public.

  21. 01.08.2016

    Record breaking breeding season for Kielder ospreys

    The Kielder ospreys have had their most successful ever breeding season this year since they first began nesting at Kielder Water & Forest Park in 2009.

  22. 27.07.2016

    Curator to lead tours of Kielder art

    Peter Sharpe, curator of the Kielder Art & Architecture Programme, will lead two special tours of England’s largest open air gallery.

  23. 20.07.2016

    Star of Northumberland tourism to shine brighter as new enhancement and ′Best in Britain′ ambitions are unveiled

    Enhancement plans aimed at making Kielder Water & Forest Park one of Britain′s leading visitor attractions have been unveiled.

  24. 07.07.2016

    Exploring Northumberland′s dark past and bright future in art

    A celebration of art and architecture in Northumberland has seen the unveiling of 11 new installations at Kielder.

  25. 03.06.2016

    Nest 1A, where four osprey chicks have been hatched.

    Kielder ospreys are record beakers

    The Kielder Ospreys have made 2016 a record-breaking year with a healthy hatching of nine chicks – the most ever recorded since ospreys re-colonised in Northumberland seven years ago.

  26. 28.04.2016

    The Kielder Ospreys caught on camera

    Prey tell: Kielder opsreys give viewers insight into instincts

    The contradictory natural instincts of ospreys are being played out for bird watchers in Northumberland as feathered philandering, reluctant lovers, historic homemaking habits and the first egg of the season have set feathers flying.

  27. 02.03.2016

    Artists impression of the final structure

    Bright sparks transform heritage site

    Work on the bright new future of a Northumberland attraction is underway.

  28. 21.12.2015

    Kielder ospreys nesting high above the vast lake and forest

    Living wild at Kielder

    Living the wild life is on the agenda for visitors to Kielder Water & Forest Park thanks to a National Lottery funding boost.

  29. 09.11.2015

    Entries open early for 2016 Kielder Marathon events

    One of the North East’s most popular sporting events has opened for entries early for 2016.

  30. 06.10.2015

    Free to download - Kielder Marathon weekend video

    Edited footage of Kielder Marathon weekend (3 and 4 October) is now available, free to download.

  31. 04.10.2015

    Running Proud - Record-breaking weekend at Kielder

    Full marathon and first-ever half marathon run on day two

  32. 29.09.2015

    Kielder Marathon logo

    Active Northumberland Kielder Marathon weekend of activities

    Reporters and photographers are invited to attend

  33. 18.09.2015

    Kielder Castle

    Art and Architecture fenced in at Kielder Castle

    A London-based sculptor has been chosen to create a new piece of artwork for an historic castle in Northumberland.

  34. 10.08.2015

    Steve Cram at the Kielder Marathon launch 2015

    Kielder receives support from sports star

    World Champion and Olympic medallist Steve Cram has shown his support for a top Northumberland visitor location.

  35. 29.07.2015

    Partnership helps with the reach for the stars

    Sky-high plans to develop a world-class astronomy village at Kielder Water & Forest Park are one small step closer, thanks to a new formal partnership.

  36. 03.07.2015

    Branch out and discover Kielder

    Kielder Water & Forest Park is making it even easier for visitors to discover the beautiful Northumberland countryside.

  37. 24.06.2015

    Event exhibition recreates wartime life at Kielder

    Past events will be brought back to life in an exhibition at Kielder Water & Forest Park this Sunday (28 June).

  38. 17.06.2015

    Th Warm Room

    Kielder′s Dark Skies are hotting up

    Stargazing in one of the world′s largest Dark Sky Parks has hotted up thanks to a new art and architecture project.

  39. 16.06.2015

    Kielder marathon

    Get moving to secure a place in Kielder Marathon weekend

    Runners are being urged to get on their marks to secure a place in Britain’s most beautiful marathon.

  40. 24.04.2015

    Ospreys not shell-shocked by fling

    Ospreys, who caused a flap by sharing an illicit fling, have begun laying eggs in Kielder Water & Forest Park.

  41. 23.04.2015

    Marathon runners stay strong for Stu

    As thousands of runners pound the streets of London this weekend, a North East team of people will be training at home for their own marathon.

  42. 21.04.2015

    Dark skies is heaven sent

    Northumberland’s famous dark skies put on a good show for runners at Kielder Water & Forest Park this weekend.

  43. 07.04.2015

    Kielder osprey gets a new bird

    Birders in Northumberland are in a flap after two amorous ospreys returning from Africa before their other halves have enjoyed a sneaky fling.

  44. 30.03.2015

    Pole position for Kielder ospreys

    Wildlife lovers in Northumberland may soon have one of the best views in the country of a rare species of bird.

  45. 05.02.2015

    star-studded skies in Northumberland

    To boldly run!

    Runners are being given an out of this world opportunity to race under the darkest night skies in England.

  46. 05.10.2014

    Ceri Rees

    Kielder Hat-trick King

    Champion Ceri Rees ran a hat-trick today at Britain’s most beautiful marathon. (5 October)

  47. 04.10.2014

    Kielder 10K winner Marc Fenwick

    Britain’s most beautiful marathon weekend gets underway

    A record-breaking number of people took part in the first day of a famous north east sporting event today (4 October).

  48. 30.09.2014

    Active Northumberland Kielder Marathon weekend of activities

    Reporters and photographers are invited to attend.

  49. 05.08.2014

    Enlist for a part in World War history project

    War ravaged naval personnel were helped on the road to recovery at a little-known rehabilitation centre at Kielder.

  50. 18.07.2014

    a tracker being attached to a chick from nest 2

    Record breaking number of osprey chicks ringed at Kielder

    A record number of osprey chicks have been ringed at Kielder Water & Forest Park in Northumberland this week.

  51. 16.07.2014

    Colin Hill

    A swim in the park for swimming champion

    A North East swimming champion has made history by being the first person to swim from one end of northern Europe’s largest man-made lake to the other – and without a wetsuit.

  52. 10.07.2014

    stargazing pavilion at Stonehaugh

    A Northumberland village gets a star attraction

    A new pavilion for stargazers to enjoy the darkest night skies in England has been unveiled in a Northumberland village.

  53. 09.07.2014

    stargazing pavilion

    New stargazing pavilion opens in Northumberland village

    A new pavilion for stargazers in Northumberland International Dark Sky Park will open on Wednesday July 9 2014.

  54. 20.06.2014

    Hat trick for ospreys at Kielder

    Hat-trick for Ospreys at Kielder

    Kielder Water & Forest Park has scored a hat-trick as a third osprey nest with chicks is revealed.

  55. 09.06.2014

    artist Elaine Porter's fish scultpure

    Artists to make waves at Kielder

    Leaping salmon will be seen on the banks of Kielder Water this summer.

  56. 04.06.2014

    Jack Charlton

    Football legend helps disabled anglers

    Football legend helps disabled anglers.

  57. 21.05.2014

    George Clarke in front of his Sky Den tree house at Kielder Water & Forest Park

    Star support for amazing place

    A new scheme to enhance England’s number one visitor attraction has got off to a star-studded start with the support from a TV architect.

  58. 14.05.2014

    Visit England Awards 2014

    Waterside Park makes a big splash at National Tourism Awards

    Northumbrian Water’s lodges and caravan park are officially among the top five in the country.

  59. 02.05.2014

    Anniversary forges links for viaduct project

    Residents and blacksmiths returned to a historic Northumberland viaduct to mark the 10th anniversary of its decorative ironwork panels (Sunday April 27 2014).

  60. 24.04.2014

    Egg-citement at Kielder Water & Forest Park

    A rare species of bird has started to produce eggs for the sixth consecutive year at its Northumberland nest.

  61. 23.04.2014

    Summer 2014 event programme

    Kielder Water & Forest Park event listings covering 1 June 2014 to 31 August 2014.

  62. 28.03.2014

    Kielder Marathon logo

    Britain′s most beautiful marathon returns for fifth year

    Former British Olympian and world record holder Steve Cram has unveiled plans today for the fifth Kielder marathon.

  63. 25.03.2014

    Eyes to the sky for famous bird

    Wildlife lovers in Northumberland are being urged to look to the sky for signs of incoming ospreys.

  64. 07.03.2014

    Carol Porter and her husband Jim Porter outside The Carriages tearoom Bellingham

    First class prize from history project

    A 1950s railway carriage provided a first class prize for a Northumberland heritage project exploring a 19th century railway viaduct.

  65. 27.01.2014


    3D focus on show shepherds

    Villagers and farmers who flocked to a rural Northumberland event have been rounded up in 3D and are on show in an extraordinary exhibition.

  66. 12.12.2013

    Jonty Hall with TV star Robson Green

    Wat′er ending for hit TV show

    The schoolboy who pressed the button to fill the largest man-made lake in northern Europe and now helps to manage it 34 years later is a star in Robson Green’s prime-time TV series finale.

  67. 10.12.2013

    George Clarke and William Hardie inside the amazing Sky Den

    Lifting the lid on an amazing space

    Architect George Clarke will quite literally lift the lid on his extraordinary tree house project in Kielder Forest, Northumberland, to the nation on Thursday December 12 2013.

  68. 22.11.2013

    Waterside Park best in North East

    Northumbrian Water’s lodges and caravan park are golden.

  69. 21.11.2013

    Osprey in Senegal

    A flying visit for Kielder osprey

    Migration has been a soaring success for a Kielder bird of prey.

  70. 13.11.2013

    Kielder Winter Wonderland lights the way for charity

    Two charities are set to benefit from the glowing tenth anniversary of Kielder Winter Wonderland.

  71. 21.10.2013

    George Clarke

    An amazing space

    TV viewers will have to tune in to the second series of Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, starting on Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 8.00pm, to see his newest project – an ambitious tree house in the heart of Kielder Forest, Northumberland.

  72. 09.10.2013

    Marc Kelly

    An engaging moment at the finish line

    Britain’s most beautiful marathon brought a couple together and united them in a beautiful moment on Sunday. (6 October)

  73. 06.10.2013

    Ceri′s king of Kielder for second year running

    Champion Ceri Rees defied the wet weather today to historically defend his title in Britain’s most beautiful marathon.

  74. 05.10.2013

    Brilliant start to Britain′s most beautiful marathon weekend

    A record-breaking number of people took part in the first day of a famous north east sporting event today (5 October).

  75. 02.10.2013

    Source of the river Tyne traced and marked

    The source of the River Tyne has been identified as lying on a remote Northumberland farm – and huge stone carved obelisks are set to honour it.

  76. 19.09.2013

    Last gasp entries for good causes

    It’s the last chance to take part in Britain’s most beautiful run and show support for charities across the UK.

  77. 18.09.2013

    Gordon Beakes with the inedible Plums and Custard mushroom

    Food for thought

    The fungi season is almost here but experts warn there isn’t ‘mushroom’ for mistake while out foraging.

  78. 16.09.2013

    artists impression of Canopy

    Sight and sound art

    People are being invited to a unique musical performance which merges sculpture and architecture, deep in the heart of England’s largest working forest.

  79. 13.09.2013

    Roger Uttley

    Roaring on the runners

    Former England Rugby legend and British Lion Roger Uttley is the latest volunteer to show his support for Britain’s most beautiful run.

  80. 11.09.2013

    Mrs Christmas at Kielder Winter Wonderland

    Kielder Winter Wonderland tickets on sale from Monday

    One of the most popular events at England’s number one tourism attraction is set to celebrate its 10th anniversary and people are being urged to ‘act fast’ to secure tickets.

  81. 27.08.2013

    Terry Deary in Border Reiver costume courtesy of Tony Hall

    Author to make history at Kielder 10K

    A best-selling author will make history come alive as he gets set to run in the footsteps of the Border Reivers at Kielder Water & Forest Park in Northumberland.

  82. 19.08.2013

    Richard Lethbridge

    Going nuts for charity

    While most people want to run away from a milestone birthday, a north east man will be running into it - and in fancy dress too.

  83. 09.08.2013

    Kielder Viaduct

    Bridging the heritage gap

    A north east project set to explore a 19th-century railway viaduct in Northumberland is going full steam ahead.

  84. 01.08.2013

    leading north east chef Richard Sim at Silvas Capitalis

    Win a headline epic experience

    England’s number one tourism experience will ‘head’ up a weekend to remember for one lucky couple.

  85. 24.07.2013

    children enjoying geocaching

    Caching in on the good weather

    Visitors to England’s number one tourism experience this summer are invited to take part in a treasure hunt with a difference.

  86. 19.07.2013

    Working forest tours

    Working forest tours

    The largest working forest in England is inviting visitors to have the rare opportunity to get close with some of its monster machines this summer.

  87. 04.07.2013

    Autumn 2013 event programme

    Kielder event listings covering August to October 2013.

  88. 26.06.2013

    Pole dancing team to enter Kielder Marathon

    Pole dancing team to enter Kielder Marathon

    A team of north east pole dancers will swap their poles for running shoes to take part in an iconic race.

  89. 21.05.2013

    Kielder Water & Forest Park officially the best tourism experience in England

    Kielder Water & Forest Park won gold to be officially recognised as the best tourism experience in the country.

  90. 23.04.2013

    Summer 2013 event programme at Kielder Water & Forest Park

    Please find text version of Kielder event listings covering May to July 2013.

  91. 17.04.2013

    Robert Anderson with his 1933 Austin 12

    A trip down memory lane for busy forest commuter

    Busy roads, traffic jams and red lights – the joys of commuting.

  92. 09.04.2013

    Richard Sim

    Top chef joins crew at Boat Inn

    Top chef Richard Sim is now onboard at a top north east attraction to ensure the food and drink offer for visitors is ship-shape.

  93. 21.03.2013

    Spring clean for osprey nests as nature lovers urged to look to the skies

    Forestry Commission rangers are urging people to look to the sky for signs of incoming ospreys!

  94. 21.03.2013

    Kielder competes with cream of tourism crop

    Kielder Water & Forest Park (KW&FP) in Northumberland has today been named as a finalist in the prestigious VisitEngland Awards for Excellence 2013.

  95. 13.03.2013

    Quest to raise cash for local charity

    A brand new corporate challenge event has been hailed a success after raising over £5,000 to help a local disability charity.

  96. 05.03.2013

    Super-use: doing more with less

    Why recycle when you can upcycle?

  97. 27.02.2013

    Olympic legends plan for Britain′s most beautiful marathon

    Entrants into a popular north east event are set to go head to head with a double gold Olympic medallist. Daley Thompson, CBE, visited the region today and pledged to take part in the Kielder Run-Bike-Run, one of the Kielder Marathon weekend activities.

  98. 17.02.2013

    The BBC’s Sky At Night unveils the Sir Patrick Moore Observatory at The Kielder Observatory

    Presenters from legendary BBC science programme, The Sky at Night and members of the Kielder Observatory Astronomical Society, have named the largest facility at The Kielder Observatory ‘The Sir Patrick Moore Observatory’

  99. 11.02.2013

    Forest planting

    Talking root – work underway to replenish North East woods and broaden habitats

    A small army of hardy workers will venture deep into local forests over coming months in a race against time to plant two million trees – all by hand!

  100. 06.02.2013

    Vintage event for road that opened up Kielder to eager rovers

    Back in 1973 the country was on the brink of a three day working, Britain joined the EEC, and a catchy song was inviting people to Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree.

  101. 01.02.2013

    North East England Tourism Awards winner

    Kielder Water & Forest Park in Northumberland scooped Gold for Best Tourism Experience.

  102. 28.01.2013


    Run for your lives!

    A bizarre craze that has swept America is about to arrive in northern England - Zombie running!

  103. 25.01.2013

    The ultimate out of office one day adventure

    North East business rivals are set to go head to head in a brand new corporate challenge, deep in the heart of Kielder Forest.

  104. 23.01.2013

    Experts bid to pave the way for Ratty′s return

    Conservationists are working on a plan which could result in water voles being returned to 62,000 hectare (155,000 acre) Kielder Water & Forest Park.

  105. 14.01.2013

    Seeing the wood from the trees

    Hundreds of thousands of visitors to the north east will be able to create art and architecture history thanks to vital funding from Arts Council England.

  106. 07.01.2013

    World famous observatory backs Northumberland Dark Sky plan as lighting audit completed

    World famous observatory backs Northumberland Dark Sky plan as lighting audit completed.

  107. 07.01.2013

    Spring event programme

    Kielder event listings covering February to April 2013.

  108. 02.01.2013

    Kielder Bike Trails Deadwater Fell

    Forest chiefs seek business partner to help develop cycling in Kielder Water & Forest Park

    An exciting business opportunity has arisen in Kielder Water & Forest Park to be part of one of the North′s most dynamic tourism developments.

  109. 21.11.2012

    Christmas trees

    Kielder Castle gets into the party mood with Yuletide Fayre

    The cream of this year’s crop of real Christmas trees is up for grabs in one of Europe′s biggest woodlands.

  110. 07.11.2012

    Stargazers capture stunning views of Northumbrian skies

    Moves to gain Dark Sky status for up 400 square miles of Northumberland are gathering pace as stargazers reveal the stunning beauty of the region’s starry skies.

  111. 05.11.2012

    New memorial for WWII wreck site in Kielder

    The sacrifice of some of those who gave their lives in the Second World War was remembered today with a restored memorial cross in Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland.

  112. 02.11.2012

    Testing ground workshop

    Building blocks for their futures

    A unique workshop that offered aspiring architects the chance to ‘test’ their future career proved so popular that double the number of expected applicants applied.

  113. 25.10.2012


    Capturing the imagination

    For the first time ever, architecture secrets will be revealed in a unique learning opportunity in the most inspiring of surroundings.

  114. 24.10.2012


    Cattle help maintain rare habitat in Kielder Water & Forest Park

    Eco-warriors are being given something to chew on in a bid to improve wildlife habitats in Kielder Water & Forest Park.

  115. 23.10.2012


    Stonehaugh sets its sights high for a Dark Sky boost!

    Things are looking up in Stonehaugh - quite literally!

  116. 07.10.2012

    Britain′s most beautiful marathon

    Salomon Kielder Marathon race results.

  117. 20.09.2012

    Alicia Jeffrey

    A night with the stars in Kielder Water & Forest Park!

    Nearly 90% of people in the UK can′t see the Milky Way from their homes.

  118. 18.09.2012

    Horse power

    Display of horse power lights up forest Discovery Day

    Northumberland may be the land of giant timber harvesters, but there’s still room for an older form of horse power.

  119. 04.09.2012

    Gordon Beakes

    Food for thought!

    Mushrooms are magic – but be careful what you pick

  120. 22.08.2012


    Forest chief backs dark skies bid as tourism body reports surging visitor interest

    The Chair of Forestry Commission, Pam Warhurst, has praised Kielder′s soaring ambitions after visiting Kielder Observatory to support a bid to create Europe′s largest area of protected night sky in Northumberland.

  121. 07.08.2012

    Bellingham Blast

    The Tour de Northumberland!

    You don’t need to be Bradley Wiggins to have a blast in Lycra!

  122. 24.07.2012


    Osprey update - Kielder Water & Forest Park

    The first of the three rare osprey chicks born this year in Kielder Water & Forest Park has made its maiden flight!

  123. 24.07.2012

    Paul Allen

    Giant harvester is a nice little runner for Paul

    He may be just 29 years old, but Paul Allen is already a veteran woodsman.

  124. 23.07.2012

    Kielder Marathon

    Blazing the way for the Kielder Marathon

    Conversation lit up as two long distance runners swapped Olympic torch bearing tales.

  125. 19.07.2012

    Osprey ringing

    Weather takes its toll on birds of prey - but ospreys pull through

    One of the three surviving osprey chicks ringed by the Forestry Commission ornithologist Martin Davison in Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland.

  126. 16.07.2012


    New man - or bird - on the block?

    One of the osprey super dads in Kielder Water & Forest Park may be a new bird according to evidence spied by eagle-eyed rangers and volunteers.

  127. 10.07.2012

    Rangers and volunteers dig deep to repair flood damage in Kielder

    Record rainfall has damaged one of the most iconic mountain bike routes in Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland - but thanks to swift action repairs have been completed in double quick time.

  128. 03.07.2012

    Crams Challenge

    Cram′s Challenge

    Families, business rivals and individual triathletes are set to go head to head in a racing challenge as part of Britains’ most beautiful marathon weekend.

  129. 06.06.2012

    Kielder mountain biking

    Mind the gap!

    Trailbuilders gear up to create another link on spectacular trail.

  130. 06.06.2012

    Two Osprey chicks in Kielder


    A young pair of adult ospreys in Kielder Water & Forest Park has given birth to Jubilee chicks.

  131. 29.05.2012

    Kielder Osprey chick

    See the new chicks off the old block!

    Conservationists are celebrating news that the first two osprey chicks of the year have been born in Kielder Water & Forest Park.

  132. 24.05.2012

    Star trails over Kielder observatory

    Move to create Europe′s largest dark sky preserve in Northumberland

    It’s not just in Texas where the stars at night shine deep and bright.

  133. 22.05.2012

    Calvert Trust

    £10 million development plan for visitor centre agreed

    Ambitious plans for a £10 million development at the leading outdoor activity centre for disabled and able-bodied people in the North East are one step closer to fruition.

  134. 14.05.2012

    Kielder Reservoir

    Celebrating 30 years of Kielder Reservoir

    The ‘jewel in the water crown’ is set to celebrate a special anniversary.

  135. 07.05.2012

    Vintage Vehicle Rally

    Nice ′little runner′ set for a vintage appearance in Kielder

    Peter and Kate Marshall from Hexham with their 1836 Morris 10/4, set to take part in one of the region’s largest classic car rallies in Kielder Water & Forest Park.

  136. 04.05.2012

    Feathered friends . . . and foes

    Investigating the tangled relationships of Kielder′s birds of prey.

  137. 01.05.2012


    High egg-citement over Kielder osprey footage

    High definition cameras are giving experts the first close up views of pioneering ospreys in Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland.

  138. 29.04.2012

    Kielder Classic Rally

    Historic rally turns back the clock

    Escorts, Chevettes and Porche 911’s were back in Kielder Water & Forest Park on Saturday (28 April) for an historic rally of epic proportions.

  139. 25.04.2012

    Kielder rally car

    Killer Kielder gears up for rally classic!

    Escorts, Chevettes and Porche 911’s will be turning back the clock in Kielder Water & Forest Park on Saturday (28 April) for an historic rally of epic proportions.

  140. 23.04.2012


    Crossbills turn up the volume in Kielder

    Nature fans are being urged to de-stress by turning off the MP3 player and tuning in to the dawn chorus.

  141. 16.04.2012

    Roe Deer

    Safari to track down rebellious young bucks in Kielder!

    The Forestry Commission is urging nature lovers to wake at the crack of dawn and join an expedition to track down magnificent roe deer.

  142. 13.04.2012


    Second pair of love birds return to Kielder

    Another pair of rare ospreys has returned to Kielder Water & Forest Park in Northumberland.

  143. 26.03.2012

    Summer events in Kielder Water & Forest Park

    All events take place in Kielder Water & Forest Park during May, June or July.

  144. 20.03.2012

    Osprey chick

    Look to the skies for rare ospreys!

    Wildlife lovers have been asked to scan the skies for signs that rare ospreys have returned to Kielder Water & Forest Park.

  145. 06.03.2012

    Silvas Capitalis

    State of the ART website

    The largest open air art and architecture gallery in the country has been brought to life with an interactive new website.

  146. 17.02.2012

    Pleiades from Kielder

    Kielder - centre of stargazing universe

    Kielder Water & Forest Park has been named as prime site to discover the stars by a pioneering new initiative.

  147. 16.02.2012

    Calvert Trust

    Development plans for new visitor centre

    Ambitious plans for a £10 million development at the leading outdoor activity centre for disabled and able- bodied people in the North East have been submitted for planning permission.

  148. 15.02.2012

    Britain′s most beautiful marathon returns

    Former Olympic athlete and world record holder Steve Cram MBE today unveiled plans to repeat the hugely successful Salomon Kielder Marathon for the third time.

  149. 10.02.2012


    A feather in the cap for veteran goshawk watcher

    Hundreds of goshawk feathers are providing the key to unlocking the private lives of one of the UK′s rarest and most persecuted birds.

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