British Water

Top of the British Water annual performance survey for contract procurement 2010, 2011 and 2012.

British Water is the representative body of the water industry supply chain; it covers all sectors of the water industry from consultants, contractors and suppliers. For the second year running we topped the league table in the British Water′s annual performance survey.

The annual survey of the major 12 UK water service providers gathers views from the water industry supply chain on our performance and independently assesses the results.

Companies are scored out of 10 in nine categories:

• Contractual approach

• Impact on the supply chain

• Professional qualities

• Communication

• Procurement.

• Attitude

• Following policy

• Partners and main contractors

• AMP4/AMP5 transitions

British Water UK director, Paul Mullord, encouraged water companies to take note of the survey and use it to improve their performance.

He said: "This survey continues to give water companies the opportunity to analyse their performance relative to the industry average and other water companies.

"They can identify areas where the supply chain believes they do well or could improve."

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