Life Science Centre and Northumbrian Water join forces for global science centre celebration

10 November 2017

On 10 November, Life Science Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with support from Northumbrian Water, is running a special programme for local school children.

The programme is covering everything from prehistoric water to cloud formation and outer space - all to mark International Science Centre and Science Museum Day (ISCSMD).

Staff from Northumbrian Water will kick off the day with an exploration of ‘prehistoric water’ for the invited primary schools, who will also be enjoying the current Life block buster exhibition Dino Jaws. Pupils will learn how to use dry ice and warm water to make billowing clouds and will explore how Earth observation satellites are used to monitor weather, water cycles and the problems that human activity can cause, through an immersive planetarium show.

Now in its second year, ISCSMD is an annual celebration organised by the Association of Science and Technology Centres (ASTC) – the professional body that gives a collective voice to nearly 700 science centres from about 50 countries.

Linda Conlon, Chief Executive of Life, was instrumental in establishing ISCSMD during her tenure as Chair of ASTC (November 2015 to October 2017).

Linda said: “This annual, global celebration is a great way of raising the profile of science centres across the world and encouraging people everywhere to explore some of the key issues facing our planet. Northumbrian Water, who are committed to global water security via its work with the charity WaterAid, is a perfect fit for this event, and we’re grateful for their support.”

Chris Jones, Research and Development Manager at Northumbrian Water said: “Water is as old as the Earth itself, and to get to the point where we have clean, clear and great tasting water, and sewage treatment that supports our environment, has taken centuries of innovation. To keep progressing, we need to encourage the next generation of STEM professionals, and events like these at Life Science Centre play a key role in this.”

The participating primary schools to Life Science Centre’s ISCSMD programme are Hawthorn in Elswick, St John’s in South Benwell, Canning Street in Benwell, Wingrove in Fenham and Bridgewater in Benwell.

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