Volunteers Get Behind Thornley Wood Project

Northumbrian Water’s

23 November 2016

As woods go, Thornley Wood is really not a wood at all but a collection of brash piles and dead hedges with mud and nettles in between.

But change is on the horizon as the first 105 trees were planted on Friday the 18th of November.

A combined force of volunteers from Northumbrian Water’s ‘Just and Hour’ initiative, Heart of Durham and the Heathland and Heartland Projects swooped into Thornley Wood to bring about that change!

Why is Durham Wildlife involved with Thornley Wood?

Thornley Wood is owned by Wolsingham Parish Council and it was they who approached Durham Wildlife Trust′s Heart of Durham Project for advice. Thornley Wood will be very much a community project as the local Millennium School will come and plant trees in the New Year, giving ownership to the next generation who will see the trees mature in their life time.

This involvement in a community project helps to raise Durham Wildlife Trust’s profile.

"Most people think we only work on Trust reserves," said Anne Porter Project Officer for Durham Wildlife Trust’s Heart of Durham Project, “but we do so much more than that. One of the wider aims of the Trust is to work on a landscape scale, working in partnership with land owners to help link pieces of land, in what could be termed as a giant jigsaw.

“These jigsaw pieces, when linked, provide valuable wildlife corridors. These corridors are important for many species, allowing them to move through the countryside to find mates, food and shelter. This is especially important to some butterflies and reptiles as they are only capable of moving slowly short distances. Working at Thornley Wood is another valuable piece of the jigsaw.”

Northumbrian Water’s "Just an Hour" volunteers
The Durham Wildlife Trust/Wolsingham Parish Council partnership secured a Woodland Trust Grant and funding from Weardale Area Action Partnership to help the Council purchase the 1100 trees needed for the site. The new planting with a mixture of broad leaved trees will provide, colour throughout the seasons, with spring blossom and autumn fruits. The trees will provide shelter for a range of insects and birds as well as contributing to making the wood, a wood once more for all to enjoy.

If you would like to get involved in planting trees at Thornley Wood just below Tow Law contact Anne Porter, Heart of Durham Project Officer, aporter@durhamwt.co.uk, or telephone 01388 488740

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