Water watchdog to focus on flooding and water quality issues at Preston meeting

08 February 2016

Lessons learned from recent incidents involving water companies will top the agenda when the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) holds its board meeting in public on Tuesday (9 February).

The water watchdog will explore the role of water companies in flood management and prevention, and look at what they can do to protect their assets during any future floods.

Representatives from United Utilities, Yorkshire Water and Northumbrian Water will join CCWater’s board members for the meeting which will also discuss what the water industry has learned from the last summer’s cryptosporidium outbreak in Lancashire during which households had to boil their tap water.

Alan Lovell, Chair of CCWater said: “CCWater was in constant contact with the water companies when parts of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria were badly hit by flooding in December and January.

“Now we’re keen to explore what the companies can do to help prevent floods in the future and what measures they can put in place to protect vital assets such as pumping stations and sewage works which may be at risk from water damage.

“We will also be looking at good practice in preventing and managing water quality issues following the cryptosporidium incident which affected more than 300,000 household customers and many businesses in Lancashire for several weeks last summer.”

Water customers will have the opportunity to raise their own issues of interest or concern during a short session at the start of the meeting at the Marriott Hotel in Preston, which begins at 10.30am.

For further information or if you plan to attend please contact Board Secretary Gary Fisher on 0121 345 1042 or email gary.fisher@ccwater.org.uk

The papers for the CCWater board meeting can be found at: www.ccwater.org.uk/aboutus/board/meetings/

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) – ‘The independent voice of water customers’.

Who are we?
• CCWater was established in 2005 to provide strong representation for water customers in England and Wales.
• We are a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Welsh Government.
• We are independent of water companies and regulators.

What have we achieved for water customers?
• Ensured that average household water & sewerage bills will fall by 5 per cent by 2020, before inflation is added, by putting customers at the heart of the 2014 Price Review.
• Helped over 300,000 customers with complaints or enquiries about their water and sewerage services and secured over £20 million in compensation and rebates since 2005.
• Overseen a 60 per cent reduction in customer complaints since their peak in 2007/08 through challenging water companies to get more things ‘right first time.’
• Achieved all of this and more at an annual cost of just 21p per water customer.


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