Rising Developer Standards

29 October 2015

The second quarterly report of developer service standards shows water companies have improved on their overall levels of delivery and performance.

The second quarterly figures for water supply have risen from 89% to 93% in response to 125,000 developer requests. For sewerage they are up from 94% to 97% - in response to 9,000 developer requests.

Commenting on these results Richard Warneford, Chairman of Water UK’s Developer Services Standards Group said: ‘While the measurement and publication of these figures is still relatively new, an early trend is emerging with evidence that reporting is already driving improvements in performance. Over the past quarter there have been some inevitable increases and decreases in some of the 24 measures but we will use these results to engage with our key stakeholders to ensure the measures remain appropriate and properly reflect the levels of service expected of water companies’.

‘These standards are just one part of our work to improve services for our developer customers and we know there is much more to be done. We have been working hard on providing input to the current work by Defra on improving the charging regime for the provision of infrastructure for new development. At the same time, we are looking at ways that water companies can reduce delays in the planning process arising from applications for new infrastructure for housing development.’

‘This package of initiatives shows we are determined to play our part in helping new building projects progress more speedily across the UK.’

The latest developer service standards are available to view on the Water UK website: http://www.water.org.uk/developer-services

Richard Warneford is waste water director at Northumbrian Water. Any interview requests should be made via the Northumbrian Water Press Office. Contact: Alistair Baker 0191 301 6851.

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